Monday, October 27, 2008

Crazy Quilt Christmas Ornaments

Most of the time I'm trying to rush around and finish up my swap obligations at the last minute...but not this one. I have found a bit of magic! I have found that if you take time off from constantly being on the computer and cruising through the incredible blogs and forums out there, you might actually get some sewing done! I have just finished making up a couple dozen CQ Ornaments for a couple different swaps I am in and also for a Christmas Art Festival .... still need to make about another 2 dozen but for now... I'm done.

I am currently hosting the CQ Ornament swap on the HGTV Board. Some of the cutest ornaments have been coming in...check them out! Thank you NewtoQuilt, CQWannabe, BlueSnail and Nannybeers for being a part of this fun swap. Everyone is just so pretty. Can you just imagine what my living room in going to look like on November 21st?! I'm expecting ornaments from about 30 ladies - what fun!! It's not to late to sign up for the swap so if you are interested just sign up here: HGTV CQ Ornament Swap and get your pretties made and sent in.


  1. Nicki, the ornaments are so pretty. I finally got 10 done. I actually like most of them, but there is one I'm not real happy with the colors on so I may not send it. I don't usually like how my CQ turns out but I think I did pretty good on these. I want to thank you for hosting this swap. It is great for us beginners, because there are small projects and if you don't like how one turns out it doesn't make you feel like it was a total lose. Plus I think when I get the ones back from the swap I can see how others do theirs. Yours are just gorgeous.

  2. Nicki, love your heart ornaments. They are all gorgeous. The green plaid used in the hearts is really cute. I may need to make some little ornaments for my wire tree I bought in September at a local craft fair. I guess I should post about it.

  3. I love your little ornaments Nicki!
    They are so cute. I hope to finish mine up in the next few days. I am on vacation, so have extra time to work on swaps.
    I added you to my blog list today too.

  4. they look so lovely. must have been a lot of work to do so many of them for the swap.


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