Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CQ Valentine Challenge Contest

Yea!!!!!!!! I can finally show ya'll what I have been busy working on for the past month or so.  I'm so happy to have another project done and one that I really enjoyed creating.

2 months ago I Challenged a group of Crazy Quilters on the HGTV board to a Valentine Contest.   Each participant was mailed a kit consisting of 7 items - 2 pieces of fabric (red & cream) 2 medium size lace motifs,  2 small heart motifs, 2 charms and 1.5 yards of pale pink rayon ribbon.  The Challenge was to create something no smaller than 10" using every item but with the extra added bonus of adding anything else they wanted to incorporate.  Materials in the kit could be altered as long as they were used.  If you'd like to see some pretty eye candy please check out the CQ Valentine Challenge in my Flicker Albums.  The names of each participant and their Winning blocks are noted under their names.

This was my entry into the Contest (12"):

Sunday, February 19, 2012

CQ Valentine Give Away Winner & Devils River

Oh My! I am amazed that there was a grand total of 114 ladies who left a comment for a chance to win my Valentine Heart.  Thank you all for stopping by - I'm sure there will be many more Give Aways throughout the year so please stop by again.  I got hubby to draw a name out of my basket just before he went to bed... and the winner is..........

Judy of apronstrings !!! Congratulations Judy!  Could you please contact me at bnickilee@aol.com with your mailing address so that I may mail out your heart.  I have decide not to post a picture of the inside goodies right now so that they will arrive to you as a surprise.  I read that you are new to the world of Crazy Quilting so I hope you enjoy these pretties.  Not sure if anyone has told you but... CQ is extremely addicting! 

Looks like a busy week ahead for me and not much time for stitching.  We've decided to get rid of the bathtub and make a huge shower.  We've lived in this house for going on 13 years now and neither one of us has ever taken a bath... always a shower.  The tile area is absolutely horrible - hate it!  I think it must be the original tile from when the house was built in 1986.  I've picked out some pretty beige, stone looking tile with an darker accent for a trim.  Demolition will begin Tuesday morning and I'll start tiling Thursday with hopes that it'll all be done by next Sunday...anyone want to take bets?  I bet ya'll didn't know I am a lover of tiling?  Well before CQ I was addicted to mosacing - love it!  I've done a few jobs but my favorite is my gorgeous turquoise bathroom counter top. 

Just this past summer I spent 3 weeks down at the Devil's River in Texas.  My bestfriend Bev finally built her dream home atop the cliff over looking the most gorgeous River.  I always promised her when she was ready, I would be there to tile her ktichen. She picked out stainless steel tiles - talk about a Challenge!  Took 4 days to complete but in the end it turned out fabulous and to the 1/4"!  I don't even think I have to tell you how much fun we had being together...3 weeks was just not enough time.

Hard to believe this wasn't here a year ago -
it will now be my forever favorite place to visit.

Ahhhhhhh A well deserved float down the River
Bev, thrilled that the tiling is done!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines - Let's Celebrate with a Give Away

Happy Valentines!  Wishing you a day filled with love, hugs and kisses!

Last year on Valentine's I was given a big beautiful red heart filled with chocolates.  As Forest Gump would say "Life is like a box of chocolates"  Well, sorry to say those sweet chocolates are long gone but I might have something for all you CQ lovers out there that is just as sweet.  How about a box full of pretty laces and some other CQ surprises?

For a chance at some real CQ candy, just leave a comment and on Sunday, February 19th, I will have my wonderful husband draw a name out of a basket.  If you do not have a Blog, please leave an email address where you can be reached in case your name is pulled.

A couple CQ treats to be sure to check out :

Crazy Quilts are Quilts Too Contest - hosted by Thearica Burroughs, be sure to stop by and check out the many beautiful entries to this Contest and then peek into the wonderful CQ blogs that have been linked.  pigtalesandquilts 

Check out the List of wondeful Online Classes that Maureen Greeson has put together - Online-Crazy-Quilting-Classes

The Spring Time 2012 Edition of Pat Winter's "Crazy Quilt Gatherings" is out!!! Head on over an place your order - I'm proud to say I have every copy so far - yummy eye candy! gatherings

Saturday, February 4, 2012

There's a Crazy Quilt Show Going On & Online CQ Classes Available!

Over the years I have been to tons of Quilt Show but seldom see any Crazy Quilts featured. Well,
Thearica of pigtalesandquilts has taken it upon herself to give all us Crazy Quilters a place to show off our stuff. With lots of eye candy to be seen over the next few weeks you certainly are not going to want to miss this show Crazy Quilts are Quilt too!

I have always loved color, lace, beads and all things pretty so what better way to combine all of these pretties into one hobby.... or should I say addiction. Over the past 6 years I have Crazy Quilted just about anything I could think of: Blocks, needle books, pillows, purses, framed art, jewelery. lampshades... you name it I've tried it. One thing that remains a constant in my work is LACE. When I first started out I could only find ivory/white lace and since I'm a lover of color I had to change it up a bit by dyeing my own laces. With so many people asking where I got my laces I decided to open up RavioleeDreams last year and have had a ball doing what I love.... playing CQ.

Here are some of my favorite work from the many projects I have made and worked on:

Last year I was one of the lucky few who was able to attend a Crazy Quilt Adventure in CT hosted by Maureen Greeson of maureensvintageacquisitions  Maureen has done it again, but this time she is making it so that anyone and everyone can take a class. 

If you are a Crazy Quilter or have never tried but dreamed of creating beautiful  items using luscious fabrics, beads, lace, silk ribbon, beautiful threads and would like to learn, please check out Maureen' s Blog for information on some fabulous online classes : Online-Crazy-Quilting-Classes  Over the next year there will be some incredible teachers teaching what they know best about Crazy Quilting.  To name a few -  Pat Winter, Betty Pillsbury, Kathy Shaw, Cristen Brown and Nancy Eha will be hosting classes in the very near future.  And while you are visiting Maureen's Blog, check out her fabulous store!


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