Monday, November 28, 2011

We are expecting!!!!

Yep, you heard me right!  Rob and I are expecting!  Like all expectant mommies I've been pacing the floors trying to get things ready for the big day.  Food - check, Toys - check, Bedding - check!  The little darling even has a name already - Lily ... and of course Rob has suggested giving her a middle name so she will be Lily Lee Seavey.  The one thing that I really think is so cute about her is she already weighs about 60 pounds and has 4 legs!   Meet my Lily!

When we first contacted Sunshine Golden Rescue we figured it would be months before we ever got a dog.  How wrong we were.  I almost gave up when I started filling out the application because there were soo many questions.  But... after taking one look at Lily's sad eyes and pretty little face my heart melted and I knew she had to be our dog.  My friend Margo adopted her dog Hunter through Sunshine and was sweet enough to give us a good reference - Thank you Margo!  I sent the application in on a Wednesday, had our telephone interview on Thursday and our home visit on Saturday.  The home visit really made me realize how terribly I had been missing having a furbaby around the house since Brat passed away last October.  Candy, the lady who came for the home visit, brought her gorgeous Golden (Jordan) with her.  Instant love.  Rob seriously wanted to dognap Jordan as she was so beautiful.  By Sunday evening we were approved and just this morning we got word that Lily is being transported up from Alabama this Saturday to Rhode Island.  Rob and I will be waiting there at 3:30 with open hearts to welcome this pup into our lives.  BTW - How long to you think it'll be before I start trying to dress her up in lace LOL!  Hmmmmm a Lace collar?  (Rob would shoot me!)

Look at this sad face - how could we resist!
Now look, all bathed and ready to meet her new parents
(my heart has melted)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crazy Quilt Gatherings & Tons of Laces

It's here! The 4th edition of Pat Winter's Crazy Quilt Gathering Magazine.  For those of you who haven't seen this fabulous magazine... it is a must!  Every edition is filled with beautiful crazy quilt items, featured artists and tons of CQ tips and tutorials.  You can order your all copies here: 
Be sure to check out the back cover too!  When you do you will see why I have been a crazy lady for the past couple of weeks.  I have been busy dyeing up tons of pretties, taking pictures, cropping, resizing and uploading.  I will be loading up  RavioleeDreams  with all thing Crazy Quilt over the next week or so to get ready for the holidays.  If you ever see a particular piece of lace that you like and would like to have it done in a specific particular color, I can always do a custom order.
Thank you Pat for including me in your magazine once again!

Friday, November 11, 2011

And the 11-11-11 Give Away Winner is..........

Happy 11-11-11! Sending all the veterans around the world a big Thank You for all they've done to keep us safe.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and taking part in my Give Away.   Please stop by now and then to see what other goodies I have in store as I hit various milestones.   I've been trying to upload my shop for the past few days but with this new computer I am having a heck of a time with the resizing of pictures!  Waaa I want my Windows XP back - it was so much easier!

As promised, a winners name  has been drawn out of my favorite little shabby chic bowl for a $30.00 Gift Certificate towards laces of her choosing and an extra little surprise.
And the winner is.........................


Ms. Flowerlady, thank you for visiting RavioLee Dreams and taking a chance.  Please contact me with your name and address at  We can chat about what laces you might like and what colors you'd like to have them dyed in.  Congratulations!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another CQ RR Completed & Celebration Give-Away

Do you ever just take a minute, sit back in your chair and say "where has all the time gone?"  I find myself doing that more and more every day.  Seems like I was just updating my blog the other day and now I see that it has been a couple weeks!  I've always been told the older you get the more time zips by.  For the past two weeks I have been dyeing lace, cropping pictures. resizing pictures (which hasn't been easy with this new Windows 7 program) packaging lace all to get ready to load up Raviolee Dreams for the upcoming holidays.  WEW!  Good thing today is daylight savings...we all get an extra hour!

When last I wrote I had mentioned that I was coming up on my 600th Etsy Sale.  Well that day arrived so it's time to celebrate!!!  I'd like to celebrate by saying Thank you to all who have supported me by shopping at RavioLee Dreams.   Since 98% of my Sales have been my dyed laces, I thought what better way to celebrate than to make a gift of laces.  So my sweet friends, please stop by, leave a comment, tell your friends to come take a chance and on 11-11-11 I will award someone a Gift Certificate for $30 worth of custom dyed laces - you pick the colors!   Also included will be an extra  little surprise.

Now for some pretties:

I thought I would share some really pretty CQ blocks with you.  Recently a CQ RR I signed up for was completed and all of my 6 blocks came home... one still naked for me to complete.  This RR was called "Luscious Lace".  When I made my naked blocks to be embellished, I decided to incorporate little bird silkies and have the girls CQ around them.  Each block is 6x6 and will be used to make a Fabric Art Journal.

Made by Me, Nicki Lee

Made by Gayle

Made by Cathy L

Made by PegSue

Made by Lisa

Made by Arlene
 I just have to show you a close up of Arlene's Bug... OMG!  When I opened up my package of blocks I thought it was real!!!  This thing all but moves.  Didn't she do an incredible job
Arlene's Bug!!!!



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