Monday, October 13, 2008

Mini Crazy Quilt Hearts

I've decided to go on a mission... to try and finish some UFO's sitting in my cabinets that I have had for years. My dad and I have the same middle name "procrastinator" so I've decided I have to stop putting things off and start taking care of business. Instead of starting a new project when one project is completed, go into my cabinet of UFO's, pick one out and put it to rest.
This is the baby that I've decided to finally take out and dress up. About 10 years ago I made this cute little wall hanging of a dozen little 3x3 hearts - embellished them with beads, buttons, ribbon, lace and even some embroidery work onto 4x4 squares of white fabric. There have been numerous times I have thought to finish it up but nothing ever seemed right.... now that I am totally possessed by the CQ bug I have an idea and think this baby might finally have a life. Why I've decided on this particular UFO? Well, I was just informed that I will be a Nana next spring and I figure if I'm blessed with a granddaughter I will have something waiting for her. Guess I better think of another design if I it turns out to be a grandson uh? Oh.... but even more exciting is that in a couple weeks we'll find out if there's going to be twins!


  1. Very Lovely wall hanging..
    Don't remember if I said Congrats on becoming a Nana... You'll love it, there's nothing better in the world then being a grandmother..
    My favorite thing is when Kaleb says here and I wake up to him quietly standing beside my bed and as soon as he sees my eyes open he says "Good Morning grandma, I love You" Makes for a perfect day...



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