Thursday, July 31, 2008

Buster Babe at Work

Over the past couple of days I have received quite a few orders for my dyed laces so I took to the deck and have been dying lace like a mad women.... Yikes! Close to 400 pieces! I decided to give my new CQ friend, Buster Babe, a workout and have to tell you he was worth every bit the $4.99 I paid for him. So much so I think I will be heading back to Ikea to pick up a couple more CQ toys. I just love the little guy! After the dying was done I thought hmmmmmm.... what else could I use him for... let's see how he likes hanging out with the Dotee Dolls!
The deadline for mailing out my Dotee Dolls fora couple of swaps I'm in is fast approaching. I just mailed out 4 of them yesterday and will hopefully be mailing out at least 6 by the middle of next week. Funny how you get attached to something so cute. All but one will be flying off to new homes. My very first Dotee is called Ms. Garden Angel and I have decided she will stay with me - it's always so hard to give up the first one of anything. Today I saw first hand how something so little and so cute could light up some ones day. My mother-in-law is in the hospital recuperating from hip surgery so I thought I would make her a special Dotee to brighten her day - it worked!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meet Buster Babe

Every now and then you run across something so dang cute and funny that you just have to have it. I have been looking for the perfect item to hang my CQ dyed laces and ribbons on to dry .... meet my new friend, Buster Babe. He's all legs and only cost $4.99 but I'm sure he will soon be worth his weight in gold! While in Ikea yesterday I just happened to look up and see this silly looking thing hanging from the would have thought I found diamonds as I got so excited! It was the perfect CQ must have! I can't wait to try him out and dress him up in purty laces... so girlie of me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CQ Playtime

You know how when your addiction to touching and feeling pretty fabrics kicks in and you just zone out into that "CQ mode"? Well thanks to the fact that my computer went down yesterday, I have been on a CQ roll! Within the past 24 hours I have made quite a dent in my CQ obligations for various swaps. Thing is... my dining room is paying for it.

What a mess I've made - my ex was here today (one of my best friends... let's just say we are better friends that being married LOL!) building a shed for Rob and said to me "I thought we built you a studio so you could sew in it? Why are you in here making a mess?" Told him I needed more space so he suggested I ask Rob if I could have the shed for a little Quilt House....LOL! Gotta love your ex sometimes!

Anyway... I started my CQ binge by making a CQ heart for my friend Talia. I am so proud of her... she has lost a lot of weight over the past year and is now looking like a hot momma. I owed her a CQ heart so thought I would make it to depict her new "sexy self" If there is one person who would just love this particular heart it's Talia... she's on vacation right now so I imagine when she gets back on Friday and finds it in her mailbox I'll be hearing OMG! OMG! She's too funny. I loved the print so much I decided to make a 12x14 block to CQ for my bathroom - yep... you guessed it... it's blue.

Next I made a pretty girlie block for my Friend Kathy (Shawkl) - it's part of the CQ One Block swap that I am hosting on the HGTV website. Wish I could post it but it's suppose to be a surprise so "no go" until August 31st - the date we will all open our surprises together.

I did make a couple of 20x20 blocks for CQ RR I am in with the Yahoo CQ Group. The first one is for the MUM Group and of course is , what else?, Blue - can't help it! The second one is for the Daisies Group. Before the CQ bug got to me I was addicted to Cross stitching. I have a lot of projects that have been sitting in bags just waiting to be framed... this particular one of the garden trellis is one that I made about 12- years ago. Rather than have it sit in a bag for another 12 years, I decided to incorporate it into my #2 RR block. I love it and can't wait to see what the girl do with it. Funny how life is... when I was stitching this trellis up I dreamed of the day I would have one just like it - to my surprise my wonderful husband bought me one for my birthday and it is now set up just waiting for the morning glories to bloom all over it.

These two CQ blocks are considered "Naked" as I have only embellished a couple small areas on each... the rest of the magic comes when the other ladies start playing with it. All I need to do now is put together a little journal to go on the trip with each oone of them and they will start traveling around the USA sometime this week . One of them will even be visiting Australia and Canada. I am so excited and can't wait to play with the blocks that I will be receiving to embellish - especially love the fact that I will be able to see and learn new CQ techniques from ladies all over the world.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Favorite Kind of Evening

Life sure has its way of passing us by all too fast so when you have the chance to just sit back, relax and take in a beautiful night you've got to grab it. My husband Rob and I were thinking about going to the movies tonight but instead decided we wanted to take advantage of a beautiful night. We packed a picnic and headed down to the harbor to sit out on our boat (Altair) to eat dinner. As soon as I brought out the food we had company. I know better than to get on Altair without goodies for our visitors. About a dozen or so beautiful ducks and geese came over to greet us - of course they were quacking for something to eat. Some crackers would do - leave the pepperoni and cheese for me..please. We sat out for about 2 hours just enjoying the sea breeze and the salt air. The Harbor was very quiet for a Saturday ... we are thinking that with the gas prices the way they are it's just too costly to be filling up a boat - good thing we have a sailboat. The clouds started coming in as we are in for some thunder later this evening but not before we were treated to a beautiful sunset.... so happy I'm one of those people who never leave home without my camera - you just never know what beauty you might capture.


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