Saturday, January 24, 2009

CQ 6" Mermaid Quilties

"Slow down, you're moving too fast, you gotta make the moment last..." remember that song? It's already closing in on the end of January and I'm wondering where in the world the month went! Seems the busier I get with sewing ,the faster the days fly by.

This past week I have been sick with the flu and like the good Dr. said... bed rest and relaxation will go a long way into making you feel better. Well it worked. I gathered up bins of beads, boxes of threads and laces and camped out in my bed for 3 days. Hubby wasn't feeling too good either so he slept in the guest room while I played in my Crazy Quilt heaven of a bed. Can you say "ouch" I woke up a few times with a bead or needle embedded in my thigh!
The 3 days proved to be productive. First I sewed up a 14x14 foundation of beautiful blue fabrics - used satins, velvets, silks, and some pretty cottons too. Out of the 14x14 block, I ended up making 3 6"mini quilties depicting an underwater scene with mermaids and seahorses and one needlebook. I really love how they turned to make a mini for myself. These three quilties were made for a swap with the girls from Art4Mail , a Yahoo Group I belong to. If you are looking for a lot of different and fun swaps - head on over and join us! Part of the rules to the swap were to decorate the backs a bit in case the girls wanted to use them for an art journal. I hope the girls like them as much as I enjoyed making them.The needlebook was commissioned for a friend in WA.'s on the way.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Crazy Quilt Needle Books & New Year Resolutions

WOW! It's already 5 days into the New Year and I'm just getting back to my blog. Seems like the days are just flying by...along with the years. Not sure how many of you have made New Years resolutions (again and again)... I have. I decided that this year I was not going to write down the same old promises that I was going to try and keep... you know.... loose weight, do that "E" word (exercise) and maybe finish up some of my millions of projects. I have decided that this year I was finally going to get off my lazy rear end and do somethings that I've been wanting to do but just never got around to doing . My list is pretty simple this year:

1. Listen to my inner soul when it speaks to me
2.Get back to reading - used to read a book a week and I've missed it
3. Stop being so nervous and open up a store on Etsy

Sounds pretty simple uh... well let's see if I can keep to my promises.

I recently got back into making more needle books. After the Christmas Art Festival I received a lot of requests for the ones that didn't sell and can now proudly say they are all gone and am working on a few more that were ordered. Once these are done I will get started on making some in a couple different styles for my Etsy store. When I finally have at least 12 items, I plan on opening the door to this new adventure.

This needle book was made for my friend Linda. She commissioned me to make her one and also her friend Nancy. Unfortunately, either Santa decided to keep it for himself or it got lost in the never never land of the Post Office as Nancy never received hers. Today I completed a replacement for Nancy and will mail it to her tomorrow - confirmation and insured this time!

I have a few more than I need to finish up and get int he mail and then I can can begin playing with some new styles and even new colors. I have got to start stretching myself and play with more colors than just blue.... just can't help it - love it! This is one that I have been working on little by little - not sure how much more I will CQ on it before I actually sew it into a sewing case. Aren't you proud - I actually threw in some purple!


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