Thursday, October 9, 2008

CQ & Lace Needle Books

Ever have a needle in your hand and just don't when to put it down? Well last night I was on a roll. I needed to make a few needle books for a swap and just didn't know when to stop... over the past couple days I have made 8. Not quite sure which ones will be for the swap and which ones I will put up for sale at the Christmas Arts & Craft Show come December. Finished 5 complete and now just have to finish the other 3 - figure I'll try and make at least a couple dozen before December - at least that is my goal.

I made the Needle books somewhat the same way I make all my fabric Post cards. With my favorite item - double sided peltex (pellon). Love it! The books are sturdy and support the 4 pages of felt just great. Hmmmm now I'm wondering what color/theme I'll work up next. Maybe something funky, maybe something elegant or maybe something Christmasy???


  1. Those are lovely. I think they are absolutely gorgeous!! You do such nice work. How long did it take to make each?

  2. oh yes....years ago when i was addicted to cross-stitch......i would say to myself "ok...i'll just stitch one more line then i'll go to bed"...and before i knew it i had said that 100 more times and it was 2 or 3 in the morning!!

    your work and designs are so delicate looking....

  3. Thank you! Depending on the designs, I would guess to say anywhere from one hour to two. I dye the laces & ribbons I use then pick out a color/theme that I have rolling around in my head. The underwater ones took me about 5 hours to make all 4 because I had all my supplies right in front of me already done and ready to use.

  4. I love them all, but the garden ones are so lovely, I'd have a hard time choosing just one! Just curious on how much you will charge at the show?

  5. Nicki I love the needle books they are beautiful, the last one is my favorite...


  6. Your needle books are exquisite! I even saw a little tatted butterfly on one!

  7. Ahhh shucks girls - thanks for the sweet comments. I love making and creating anything that has the slightest crazy quilting involved and espceially loved making these needle books. The prices vary - it all depends on how long I've spent making the books.

    Tatting Chic - thanks you for ALL the wonderful comments throughout my blog. Please contact me at my email addy in my profile - maybe we can do a swap for some of your beautiful tatting.

  8. Do you sell these needle books? Is there a pattern available?


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