Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Hi!  Hope ya'll had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to a beautiful Fall!

Been about a month since I last posted - not because I was being lazy, but because summer seems to just grab hold of you and the days zip by.  Have a few things to share with you and a few pictures.

I think I'll start out with the Good News.  For one - My precious Lily Lee just had her check up at the vets yesterday and she is now Heart Worm free!!!!!!!!! What a long haul she has had trying to get rid of them.  She weighed in at 69.8 pounds, a far cry from the 38 pounds she weighed when we first adopted her last December.  To celebrate, mommy and Lily went out for a Dairy Queen yesterday afternoon.  Love my Lily Lee!

One happy Lily Lee!!!

Summer isn't summer here in New England unless you spend some time on the beach.  My son Jason and his wife Evy rented a beautiful house on Duxbury Beach only steps away from one of the prettiest beaches around.  Evita & DeAngleo had a blast learning to boogie board - Nana Nicki laid in the sun just watching.

Evita & DeAngelo

Off to Fenway park to see the Red Sox

Celebrating mom's 60th Birthday
Rob, Nicki, Jason & Evy
(even Lily snuck in)
Ya'll know how it is in the summer when you have a million things to do and not enough time to get it all done.  I did manage to get another CQJP block done.  This is my block for the month of May - done in pinks and greens as it seems they have taken over as being my favorite color combination lately.  I have June's almost done and have started on July & August.

May CQJP 2012 Block

Lookie - I'm really getting into using that dang Bullion stitch!
A couple weeks ago I received this gorgeous UTS (Under the Sea) fabric postcard in the mail.  I absolutely love UTS!  The work on this card is stunning - every stitch and every detail is fabulous!  During the posting of pictures of the CQJP monthly blocks I have been following Claudia's Blog  fabricfusion  I dropped her a note about a month ago telling her how much I loved her work and how she inspires me  with her stitching and imagination.  Lucky me - this card was a gift from her - I feel so lucky to own one of her little Master pieces.  If you have some time, grab a cup of coffee and take a trip through her Blog - simply wonderful!

Check out all the wonderful details!
Created by Claudia
One of the most recent swaps I have been in is a CQ RR depicting a water scene.  This is my portion that I create for Marie on her large CQ Block.  I used french knots for the bubbles,  added some feather stitches using silk thread and for the seaweed used some gorgeous turquoise yarn, a few pieces of dyed lace and then added a few fish.

Ok - so now for the bad news.  Last April I was walking Lily and for whatever reason I wrapped her leash around my left hand.  Lily got spooked by something and bolted right down the street leaving me flat faced in the middle of the road with a feeling as if my arm had been ripped off.  Long story short.... after about 8 weeks of PT it was determined that the PT was not working (oh duhh!!) and that I needed an MRI.  The MRI showed that I not only had torn ligaments but that the muscle had been ripped from he rotor cuff.  So........ this Friday (31st) I am going in for shoulder surgery.  I've got butterflies in my belly and am so nervous but know that if I can handled the pain I've dealt with the last 4 months, this surgery should be a breeze .... well I hope so as I will be in a sling for 6 weeks and the recovery time, I'm told with more PT, will be 3-6 months. 

In preparation for being out of commission for a bit, I have spent the last 3 weeks dyeing up tons of laces for RavioleeDreams   I figure if I can't dye lace or CQ for a while, at least I can type one handed and upload items to my shop.   I will not be taking on any new custom orders for at least another month (+/-) but will have quite a variety of colors, motifs and laces added to my shop in the near future.

If you hear anyone whimpering over the weekend.... it's just me being a big baby!


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