Monday, October 27, 2008

Crazy Quilt Christmas Ornaments

Most of the time I'm trying to rush around and finish up my swap obligations at the last minute...but not this one. I have found a bit of magic! I have found that if you take time off from constantly being on the computer and cruising through the incredible blogs and forums out there, you might actually get some sewing done! I have just finished making up a couple dozen CQ Ornaments for a couple different swaps I am in and also for a Christmas Art Festival .... still need to make about another 2 dozen but for now... I'm done.

I am currently hosting the CQ Ornament swap on the HGTV Board. Some of the cutest ornaments have been coming in...check them out! Thank you NewtoQuilt, CQWannabe, BlueSnail and Nannybeers for being a part of this fun swap. Everyone is just so pretty. Can you just imagine what my living room in going to look like on November 21st?! I'm expecting ornaments from about 30 ladies - what fun!! It's not to late to sign up for the swap so if you are interested just sign up here: HGTV CQ Ornament Swap and get your pretties made and sent in.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another day of CQ Lace Dyeing

Can you imagine a world in black and white? It seems like I just can't get enough color in my life! I love it! I spent all day yesterday dyeing up another huge batch of laces - actually... it was 4 batches for a group of ladies who sent me their laces to dye. I had asked that they tell me what their color preferences were, a few did but for the most part I was given free range to dye them up whatever color I wanted to. Well, with over 300 pieces dyed you know I tried ever color range. This time next week I hope to be playing in a whole new group of color choices as I just placed a huge order for some new dyes - it's like waiting for trick or treat!

Hmmm... funny story about why I dyed this particular piece of butterfly lace the colors I did. Do you remember the 1973 movie "Papillon" which starred Steve McQueen? That movie helped me make up my mind to get my first and only tattoo! My sister, a couple friends and I drove down to Sailor Don's in Newport, RI. As we were walking around we saw the tattoo parlor and we all bet each other to get one - should have NEVER said the word "bet" around my sister Sherri. Next thing I know we are all getting tattooed! I didn't have much of a choice as Sherri told me if I didn't go through with it she would sit on me and have the guy tattoo my butt - trust me..she was bigger than I was and she would have done it. So.... I picked the tiniest thing I could think of - a Papillon butterfly - turquoise and gold in color. When dying up this butterfly I was wishing my 35 year old tattoo (oh no!!!! 35 years ago!) was still the same vibrant colors.......... and no.... I'm not going back to get a touch up!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mini Crazy Quilt Hearts

I've decided to go on a mission... to try and finish some UFO's sitting in my cabinets that I have had for years. My dad and I have the same middle name "procrastinator" so I've decided I have to stop putting things off and start taking care of business. Instead of starting a new project when one project is completed, go into my cabinet of UFO's, pick one out and put it to rest.
This is the baby that I've decided to finally take out and dress up. About 10 years ago I made this cute little wall hanging of a dozen little 3x3 hearts - embellished them with beads, buttons, ribbon, lace and even some embroidery work onto 4x4 squares of white fabric. There have been numerous times I have thought to finish it up but nothing ever seemed right.... now that I am totally possessed by the CQ bug I have an idea and think this baby might finally have a life. Why I've decided on this particular UFO? Well, I was just informed that I will be a Nana next spring and I figure if I'm blessed with a granddaughter I will have something waiting for her. Guess I better think of another design if I it turns out to be a grandson uh? Oh.... but even more exciting is that in a couple weeks we'll find out if there's going to be twins!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Crazy Quilt RR

Finally! I'm finished with my Crazy Quilt RR block for the HGTV RR. My Group is - The CraZy 1's - a good name for a bunch of crazy ladies! Our blocks are due to be mailed 10/15 and will take a trip around the US to 7 other ladies who will work their magic on each block. My block measure about 28x18 - made it to fit in a shabby chic frame I have as I'd like to hang it on my bedroom wall when it comes home. I had a real hard time departing from my favorite color blue...ever since I made the Crazy patches fro the Yahoo group I've actually been experimenting with new color combinations and really love the pink/sage/beige shabby chic look.

The center piece is a cross stitched heart I made about 15 years ago. Funny how it is a crazy patch design - who would have ever known that I would end up being so addicted to crazy quilting years later... must have always been in the cards uh?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

CQ & Lace Needle Books

Ever have a needle in your hand and just don't when to put it down? Well last night I was on a roll. I needed to make a few needle books for a swap and just didn't know when to stop... over the past couple days I have made 8. Not quite sure which ones will be for the swap and which ones I will put up for sale at the Christmas Arts & Craft Show come December. Finished 5 complete and now just have to finish the other 3 - figure I'll try and make at least a couple dozen before December - at least that is my goal.

I made the Needle books somewhat the same way I make all my fabric Post cards. With my favorite item - double sided peltex (pellon). Love it! The books are sturdy and support the 4 pages of felt just great. Hmmmm now I'm wondering what color/theme I'll work up next. Maybe something funky, maybe something elegant or maybe something Christmasy???

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Crazy Patch Swap - All done!

Back in July I signed up to participate in a 8" Crazy Quilt Patch Swap with a great Group from Yahoo - Art4Mail. I was to make 4 blocks in exchange for 4 blocks. All of my blocks are now on their way home to their new owners and I gotta say, I really enjoyed making these as they were a bit of a change for me. I think I am starting to develop a liking for colors other than my typical love for blues. The "before" pictures are posted a couple months ago. Well, here they are all dressed to kill.


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