Saturday, November 8, 2008

CraZy Quilt Lace Dyeing Marathon

WEW! After about 3 days of dyeing laces I'm finally finished. Can you say "I love color?"! I had so much fun dyeing up this big batch of lace - I put on a pot of coffee, set up my table and cranked up the music (good thing hubby was away on a 3 day business trip LOL!) Turned on a little bit of Yanni, some Higher Octave, Deep Forest and then a complete switch to Garth Brooks and Phil Collins- what a mix!

I am currently hosting a CQ Lace Buy In on the HGTV Quilt Board. In a matter of 24 hours I had 30 ladies sign up and was on my way to dividing up laces and picking out what color of dyes I was going use. Group #1 is done and once they are in the mail I will start the process all over again with Group #2. I am addicted... so much so that yesterday while I was at a Quilt Show in New Hampshire I bought another 7 bottles of new dyes.... new colors - just couldn't resist.

The Quilt Show, "A Quilter's Gathering" (20th Anniversary) was held at the Radisson Hotel in Nashua, NH. I have to say it was one of the nicest shows I have ever been too. I could not believe the beautiful quilts on display - there was no way you could pick out a favorite as all of them were gorgeous... I could only dream to make a quilt like any one of them. I do have to admit though, I was completely mesmerized by a Quilt made by Sharon Schamber. Due to the fact that I forgot my camera I don't have pictures to share yet - I had to borrow my friend Elaine's camera and as soon I copy them to disk I will share a few of the beauties my eyes were treated to.


  1. Gorgeous, I love them all. I'm getting excited, I think I'll go fabric shopping tomorrow for a CQ project, I've been planning.

  2. I wish I could be living closer to attend your classes. I love your dyed laces. Excellent job.
    Rengin, in Istanbul

  3. I love when I click the link to your page, it comes alive with color, beautiful color.

  4. Thank you ladies! Be on the lookout as I am planning a give-away of a pack of my dyed laces in time for Christmas - more info to come in a later blog.

    Everything - we KNOW how you love give-aways! Congratulations on tyour last win!

  5. Crazy Beautiful!

    I'm such a fan of your talent!

    ~ Jes

  6. Oh, I'll be on the look out. Yes they sure are fun!

  7. OHHHHHH I just don't know which set I like better, but I'm sure any mixture would be awesome if you are selling??? I have yet to collect a stash of Venice Lace!!!


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