Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's been a while ....

since my last post and I'm sorry to say that it will probably be at least another month before I will be able to post any pictures. You see, my darling computer of 7 years finally went to the hard drive graveyard and I am now awaiting the delivery of a new computer.

It is amazing how much you can get accomplished when you don't spend time on the computer. With all my free time I've been able to CQ quite a bit and get caught up on some other projects. Maybe I've learned a lesson... spend less time on the computer and more time on sewing. Once I have my new computer I will have lots of pictures to share of both my work and that of some beautiful CQ blocks I've received from friends.

I am packing my suitcases to fly off to California on Thursday for a couple weeks as I'm going to spend my 4th of July birthday with my two beautiful grand babies, Evita and DeAngelo. They are 2 years old now and already talking up a storm so this trip is going to be full of fun.

After visiting with my beautiful family in CA, I am headed to Houston to spend 3 weeks with my best friend Bev. Bev and her husband Chris just built a house at the Devil's River and I am going to help her mosaic her kitchen back splash and create a walkway. She tells me the temps will be in the 100's so it's a good thing we are right next to one of the pretties rivers I've ever seen - at least we'll have a place to jump in and cool off. Along with some tiles, I've also packed plenty of laces. We are going to dye up some pretties using natural resources... like bugs from a catus plant. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures as I think it'll be quite an experience.

Enjoy the summer and have fun creating!!!


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