Friday, October 10, 2008

Crazy Quilt RR

Finally! I'm finished with my Crazy Quilt RR block for the HGTV RR. My Group is - The CraZy 1's - a good name for a bunch of crazy ladies! Our blocks are due to be mailed 10/15 and will take a trip around the US to 7 other ladies who will work their magic on each block. My block measure about 28x18 - made it to fit in a shabby chic frame I have as I'd like to hang it on my bedroom wall when it comes home. I had a real hard time departing from my favorite color blue...ever since I made the Crazy patches fro the Yahoo group I've actually been experimenting with new color combinations and really love the pink/sage/beige shabby chic look.

The center piece is a cross stitched heart I made about 15 years ago. Funny how it is a crazy patch design - who would have ever known that I would end up being so addicted to crazy quilting years later... must have always been in the cards uh?


  1. Very pretty block. Makes me itch to work on it. =) I love your xs center. How serendipitous!

  2. you inspire me....beautiful color choices


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