Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another day of CQ Lace Dyeing

Can you imagine a world in black and white? It seems like I just can't get enough color in my life! I love it! I spent all day yesterday dyeing up another huge batch of laces - actually... it was 4 batches for a group of ladies who sent me their laces to dye. I had asked that they tell me what their color preferences were, a few did but for the most part I was given free range to dye them up whatever color I wanted to. Well, with over 300 pieces dyed you know I tried ever color range. This time next week I hope to be playing in a whole new group of color choices as I just placed a huge order for some new dyes - it's like waiting for trick or treat!

Hmmm... funny story about why I dyed this particular piece of butterfly lace the colors I did. Do you remember the 1973 movie "Papillon" which starred Steve McQueen? That movie helped me make up my mind to get my first and only tattoo! My sister, a couple friends and I drove down to Sailor Don's in Newport, RI. As we were walking around we saw the tattoo parlor and we all bet each other to get one - should have NEVER said the word "bet" around my sister Sherri. Next thing I know we are all getting tattooed! I didn't have much of a choice as Sherri told me if I didn't go through with it she would sit on me and have the guy tattoo my butt - trust me..she was bigger than I was and she would have done it. So.... I picked the tiniest thing I could think of - a Papillon butterfly - turquoise and gold in color. When dying up this butterfly I was wishing my 35 year old tattoo (oh no!!!! 35 years ago!) was still the same vibrant colors.......... and no.... I'm not going back to get a touch up!


  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Very much appreciated. Your dyed lace is gorgeous, I love the colours!

  2. Gorgeous! I'll be getting me some of your beauties after the holidays. Liked the tattoo story. I miss being young and such a free spirit. I'm more cautious now a days. I've been practicing my CQ. Trying new things. I hope to have something pretty special for the retreat, which I can say was inspired by Nana Nicki. Oh, and Congratulations on the twins. Isn't life grand!


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