Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little Bit of Craziness

Remember that song "Leaving on a jet plane"? Well in just about 4 hours I will be headed to the airport boarding a plane to North Carolina for the 5th Annual COF Quilting Retreat. COF (Circle of Friends) Retreat began in MN in 2007 when about 40 ladies from the HGTV Quilting Forum decided to get together for 4 days of fun. We have been doing it ever since. Golly, I'm not even sure I've recuperated from the CQ Adventure in CT !

I know I promised pictures of the Crazy Quilting Adventure and I will post some as soon as my new cable cord comes in. Seems "someone" lost it and now is unable to use the camera she used at the Retreat. As soon as I am able I will give you a complete rundown of the fabulous 4 day adventure. Let me just tell you - we had the time of our lives - a whole bunch of crazy ladies all together in one building - what a blast! Our host, Maureen Greeson, with her side kick Susan Elliott, did a fabulous job! Our teachers, Allie Aller, Betty Pillsbury and Sharon Boggins were absolutely incredible. More to come later.

Before I head out on another adventure I thought I would post a few things. First, I was surprised to learn last month that I actually won a Blog Give Away! Judy sent me my prize, one of her GORGEOUS CQ hearts, along with tons of pretties just for me. Thank you again Judy, I love everything!

Beautiful dyed laces, adorable little seahorse, fabulous fabrics and a pretty little face pin.

When not dyeing laces, I actually have been catching up on a lot of CQ RR's. I completed the final two blocks I have to work on for the Birds DYOB RR and will truly miss working on this theme. I really enjoyed working on the bird blocks and can't wait to get mine home.

This one is for Cathy L:

This one is for Cathy L:

Well I'm off to try and get a couple hours sleep. Good thing I'm all packed and ready to go ... hopefully I can sleep on the plane. Thearica - here I come with plenty of laces in tow !!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Crazy Quilt Adventure - Here I come!

The day is finally here! I've been waiting a year for April 8th to come and now that it is here, I'm beside byself with excitement! In a matter of a couple hours I will be headed to Connecticut with my friend Ely to attend my first Crazy Quilt Adventure. Thanks to my wonderful hubby Rob for giving me this trip - I love you Babe! The thought of being able to take classes with teachers like Sharon Boggins, Allie Aller and Betty Pillsbury is just .... WOW! To be in one room with all that incredible talent is going to be soooo enlightening and so much fun. I am going to be like a sponge soaking up every bit of CQ I can and I've got my tinted glasses ready to help my eyes with all the beautiful eye candy I know I will be seeing. Not to mention being able to meet so many of the ladies I've have met over the past years who love CQ as much as I do. One lady in particular is my friend Lil who will be driving in from New York. We have been cyber friends for 4 years now and have never met - being roommates for the next 4 days - bets are that there won't be much time to sleep. When my invitation to the Crazy Quilt Adventure arrived a blank CQ name tag was enclosed. We were all to embellish our own tag. Well... here's mine. The beautiful invitation - Maureen Greeson and her committee did a fabulous job in putting them together. Thank you thank you all for all your hard work!

My next post will certainly be about the wonderful time I had - with tons of pictures too!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pretties to show off

Ohhhhhhh have I got pretties to show you today! Whenever I mail out a lace order I ask my customers to please sends me a couple pictures to let me see what they are creating with the laces. Two of my favorite customers have bought the Mini/Middie Packs of lace and have sent me pictures showing me how they were used. Here are few pictures of some of the beautiful creations made by two very talented ladies.

These gorgeous hearts were created by Diane Knotts . Be sure to check Diane's Etsy shop out : Cottage by the Pond as she has tons of beautiful items for sale. Diane dabbles in all kinds of pretties so be prepared to see lots of eye candy.

Another of my customers is Jackie who has her shop Catangel on Ebay. Jackie makes the most gorgeous beaded ornaments and right now she is making egg shaped ornaments for Easter using lace and beads. Simply beautiful!

This pretty purple Easter Egg is one that I bought from Jackie's collection.


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