Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A RavioLee Dream Story

After many months of friends telling me I should jump in and start a blog, I have taken the plunge. Not sure why I've procrastinated so long, I think it was the fear of the unknown. Well thanks to my many friends on the HGTV board and my good friend Kathy, I have finally jumped in and will see where it leads me.

I've chosen the name Nicki Lee's Raviolee Dreams for a few reasons. The name Nicki Lee has it's own history but we won't go into that - let's just to say it is a happy story and one that I love.

RavioLee Dreams comes from something that I created a few years ago. One day I was sitting in my living room making little pincushions out of wool felt, beads and pretty threads. They were being made for and upcoming summer art show. I had a basket full and was trying to figure out what in the world to call them. My girlfriend Susan happened to stop by and while she sat there watching me sew my 20th one, we got to talking about our dreams. Now... it just so happens the backs of these little pincushions were made with little heart shaped or flower shaped pockets - just big enough to stuff a little note inside. I asked Susan what she thought of them - she replied " they are just so cute!" What I really wanted to know was what she thought they looked like. Then she said the magic words "they look like little ravioli" We both looked at each other and screamed at the same time "Ravioli Dreams!" My husband was just coming into the house and we scared him half out of his mind with our screaming - he didn't know what was going on! When we finally settled down I said - that's what I'll call them because as we know, Raviolies are stuffed with goodies - mine are stuffed with love..... and since my middle name is Lee, I simply changed the spelling to RavioLee.


  1. WELCOME to Blogdom. Looking forward to more postings.

  2. Awesome Blog Nicki Lee
    Keep Going ! Can't wait to read and see all of your artistry !!

  3. I am so excited that you are blogging. I am going straight over to update google reader and add you to my favorite bloggers list!!

  4. Nicki, I'm so excited for you! Your blog will not only be a beautiful journal, but also a place of inspiration.

    ~ Jes

  5. Nicki...I love your blog and REALLY love the name!! I am glad you found your way to blogland...I dont post on mine as often as some and that is something I am going to try to correct in the coming months...I hope to read lots of your stories and see lots of your creativeness!!

  6. Welcome to the Blogging world.Looking froward to seeing more of your Art Work...


  7. Welcome to Blogland. I love that story of where the name 'RavioLee Dreams' came from!

  8. I just wanted to tell you that I have truely enjoyed looking at and reading your blog and flicer pictures of your CQ and hand dyes. You are a great inspiration to anyone who reads and looks at your blog and your work. I am happy that you have found your way to my group. I have started and Etsy store although nothing is listed yet, soon though, Have you got one? If not maybe you should check into it. Oh by the way I have been dying some of my own ribbons and laces. Have always wanted to and have just decided I better get to it!!!! Hugs Lisa

  9. Hi girl,
    Something told me to google your name tonight. You are everywhere. I am so proud of you and thank you for sharing how Raviolee Dreams came into being. What a magic moment that was. I miss you and am so very proud of you. I told you so....much love, Susan


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