Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My little Studio

I once read that to be creative it helped if you had a place to work in that inspired you, a place that was surrounded with the things and colors you love. A couple years ago I had the opportunity to have a little studio built in my home. It didn't take me long to figure out exactly what I wanted in it and how I was going to fix up my little space. Before the walls were even up I had the whole room mapped out in my head. My main goal for my studio was to always have the feeling that I was walking into summer. Being a New Englander for the past 38 years, I was determined to have a place in the middle of our long cold winters to go and dream of being someplace warm.

First thing, I painted the walls a beautiful color of blue - a toss up between the sky on a beautiful sunny day or the ocean waters as they are in Maui. I'm lucky enough to have a son who decided to make his home in Maui - I miss him terribly but to be honest with you, it's a great place to have to go to visit. Ever time I go over I buy a beautiful sarong which depicts so many beautiful colors. I decided instead of having the sarongs tucked away in a drawer somewhere I would hang them so I could remember my days spent walking the beaches. Now that the walls were painted it was time to bring in my desk and a cabinet that I rescued from my husband's parents - stripped it and painted it to match the walls - white with blue trim. Next was to bring in all my vintage china that I have been collecting over the years... I know most people would scream at the thought but I collect them only to smash them up! Yikes! Yep... I break them up into little pieces to create mosaic frames, mirrors, birdhouses etc. Okay, now on to my ever growing fabric stash. My wonderful husband (Rob) installed a couple of stand up cabinets to hold some of my pretties and then I turned a couple of CD stands into shelves for my FQ's (fat quarters). I love walking into my room (especially when it is clean) and seeing all the colors.... what a way to brighten the day. When I need extra room to sew I set up an table and cut away. Can't say there's much room left for anyone else to come in and play but then... this is my hiding place and big enough for me.

Next, Rob installed a couple of kitchen cabinets and topped them off with a piece of butcher block and then hung a few shelves for more goodies - this I call my CQ corner - where I have some of my pretties for my main passion these past couple of years, crazy quilting. I sometimes wonder why and how I got so involved in this type of quilting. Could it be because of the name "Crazy" ??


  1. Love your studio! What is it out quilters taht we like to show pictures of our sewing rooms? I think I may clean mine up and post it on my blog, too. It is not nearly as soothing as yours.

  2. I went back and reread my last post. Typos everywhere. Sorry about that. I wasn't drunk - I hadn't had coffee, yet.

  3. Hi Nicki!~

    Mine is not neat enough for photo's! :-) Here is a great website for blog help http://magicwithblogs.blogspot.com/

    Hope it helps you!
    Just FYI~ I don't advertise my blog on hgtv~ just by posting on others blogs. ;-)
    Have fun!

  4. you mean to tell me that all those pretty plates you have on that shelf are not collectables??? That really they are sitting there on death row waiting their turn??? LOL

    I'd seen you post yorusewign room pics before but never heard all about it. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Right now my guest bedroom is my sewing room so I am limited on waht I can do in there - but you have inspired me to at least give it colorful walls - one day, one day ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

    PS- as for all that space at the end make sure you havent' hit lots of "enters"

    .... and thanks Crazy for the blog help link!

  5. How do you keep it so organized and tidy?

  6. Yes Bonnie... all those places and more end up being smashed sooner or later. I have broken many plates over the years but the most expensive cost me $48... I smashed it by accident - forgot to turn it over and look at it before I hit it with the hammer! Yikes!

    Girls, trust me - the pictures were taken BEFORE I trashed it - you should see it now! It's covered in fabrics, beads,buttons and lace.

  7. You have a great space, I am just getting mine under way. I got some of the tables and shelves I need but need some more organizers. Yours looks great and may use some of you ideas for organizers, I hope you don't mind.

  8. Thank you for the tour, Nicki!!!! So fun to see other artist's work spaces! Looks just like you! Or at least the you I have recently gotten to know on line!!!

    Colleen Anderson


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