Friday, June 6, 2008

A few of my Favorite Things

How many times have you created something you love, turned around and gave it away and then said to yourself " Dang! I wish I had kept that for myself? Over the years I have made everything from mosaic picture frames and mirrors, quilts, CQ purses, Cross stitch designs etc and always ended up giving them away as gifts... happily of course but if you are like me, there are just some things that your create that you can't give up. I thought I would share a few of my favorite things that I've been selfish enough to keep for myself. One of my very favorite Crazy Quilt hearts was just made a couple months ago. I call her my "Little Purple Girl" Surprised that she's not blue?? Well I thought I would test the waters with a new color and I'm glad I did as I just love her.

Another one of my favorites it one that I call "Shy little Girl" I'm not quite sure where the inspiration came from for me to make this CQ Heart... maybe I was feeling a little shy that day ? I doubt it - no one has ever accused me of being shy.

I made these little 3x3 CQ pictures as part of an experiment. I had bought a variety of new fabrics and wanted to see what they would look like layered. I was going for a nautical theme so embellished them with various pearls, glass fish, seashells and pretty threads.

I have to admit, out of all the items I have ever made, this quilt is my absolute favorite. It is made up of about 17 different Asian Fabrics and represents the love that my husband and I have for the ocean. My husband Rob has a beautiful sailboat that when sailing brings such a wonderful peace within. I wanted this quilt to represent every aspect of the ocean from the sandy beaches, to the light turquoise waters. The whites are the caps of the waves coming into shore and the dark blues is what it is... the deep blue ocean. I made this quilt, which is called a French Braid for him for his birthday last year. Not the best machine quilter, I sent it to a very good friend of mine Thearica and not only did she do the most incredible, beautiful, awesome quilting ever , she asked me to write a love note to Rob about our life together and she stitched it all around the border that surrounds the braids. There are no words that will ever express the gratitude I have for her for bringing my quilt to life. Thank you "Q" from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Your work is just inspiring and I love the quilt, too. Your LA Quilter is a top drawer talent and I wouldn't be surprised to see her being recognized for the talent she is.

  2. Thanks for viewing my blog and commenting. I must say your Purple Girl is my favorite also as I adore the color. Your heart is beautiful, as is all your other work. I will definately be back to check on what you have been doing. Happy stitching.

  3. This post is THE reason you making a blog is worth it!!! I've been an HGTV member for a few years and am there most every night... however somewhere along the way I missed this quilt of yours! ((I can't read ever thread))

    Oh what a beautiful story about your husband and you enjoying sailing so much and for quiltaholic to think up the ide of you writting him a love note and quilt it into the boarder - WOW that is AWESOME!!!!!

    I am so glad you shared this photo and this quilt's story! See that is waht a blog is all about! :) You are a natural!

    Love from Texas! ~bonni


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