Friday, June 6, 2008

More Hand Dyed Laces

I'm so excited! Last week , after much encouraging from my "pushy - LOL!) friend KMouse, I finally got the nerve to post some pictures of my dyed laces to a couple Yahoo CQ sites I belong to. To my surprise I received a nice note from Hazel in the UK and the end result was I had my first International order! How exciting! Then to top it off I got a few more orders the same day which made me rethink a few things... if I want to get my creations noticed... I have to put them out there. So... here I go. I just finished dying up some more laces and have to tell you every time I do a new batch I say "oh yea... these are the prettiest yet" I think it's the combination of the lace designs and the love of color.... it's like sitting down with some watercolors and painting in a coloring book... if you don't like one color just move on to the next and if you don't like that color, heck, just mix the dyes and create a new one.


  1. Those are just beautiful, Monday when I see whos name I get for the CQ block I may just have to order some of that beautiful lace.I'm really, really nervous about this swap. Everytime I read what each swappers likes are I get more and more nervous. I just want who ever I get to be very pleased. I've been searching alot about CQ, so I have a good idea of what to do. I've been prying I get one that likes oceans, seas, tropics. I can think of some beautiful things for those. The ocean is filled with so many wonderful things. I don't think I'll do as well with something victorian. I think the laces are beautiful. And would be great in the romantic, flower, and victorian blocks. Where do I go to see all your laces?

  2. Everything - Thank you for the compliment - dying lace and embellishing it is one of my most favortie things to do (well besides CQ) You can contact me at or check out my laces in my Flicker album. NO need to be nervous - I've seen your work and your are incredible!

    By the way - great job on your web site!


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