Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dotee Dolls - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

I'm currently in a couple different Dotee Doll Swaps. I have to admit at first I really wasn't interested in making these little dolls but the more I saw of them the cuter they became and I decided I'd try my hand at making one. Well like anything I get involved with, it's hard to make just one. One became two, two became three and now I have another 4 all cut out and ready to embellish. I think the thing I like the most about creating them is that as I'm sewing on the face, or the hair or even the body, they start to take on their own personality. One of my new friends who I've met on the HGTV board has been tatting the prettiest little fans, angels and hearts and since I knew she also crocheted, I asked her if she could possible make me a couple little hats. In no time Margie sent me about 6 of the cutest little hats to dress up my girls. Thanks Margie!


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