Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Artsy Fartsy Journal is done!

A couple months ago my friend Colleen invited myself along with 3 others, Kathi, Jody & Denise to get creative together with an Art Journal. We have a blog and call ourselves the Artsy Fartsy Friends (AAF). The idea - to create a journal in any medium we choose depicting ourselves. Each one of us is to make our own front and back covers and send it around like a RR (Round Robin). When we receive a journal, we then go to town creating a page using our imagination - be it painting, drawing, fabric, thread art, crazy quilt etc etc.

Front & Back Covers:

My journal was created by using various types of fabrics, beads, yarn, thread, seashells, and even a starfish. Of course... it is blue. I tried and tried to make it in another color but to me, there just isn't another color.

Inside Covers:

I decided to create my journal as a way of expressing my names... for some I'm Barbara, for others I'm Nicki. The story behind my real name is written in a smaller type journal and tucked inside a pocket. This project was a bit emotional when thinking back on the various stages of my life but it was also a time for discovery. I also included one of my very favorite "Story People" (Brian Andreas) stories called "Real Name" I truly feel this story was written for me.


LLLL 2010

LOVE More - Love the fact that my hubby loves my cooking
LAUGH More - Laughed at myself for crying over a commercial
LISTEN More - Listened to the sounds of silence
LEARN More - Learned today that I enjoy being Artsy Fartsy


  1. What a pretty journal and so interesting to hear about all the self-discovery. Don't you wonder if someone will find this 100 years from now? I agree, the blue is perfect. Is the child on the journal you or someone you know or just a generic child photo?

  2. Ali, THe picture was taken of me when I was 2 years old.... don't I look like I'm saying " What's Up?" LOL!

  3. Very pretty!!!! I love blue. And your journal is lovely. I really like the eyes peeking through the square!!!! very cool

    Ann Flowers

  4. You know I can't wait to work on that!
    Mine should be to you by tomorrow I hope!

  5. I love the term "Artsy Fartsy". My dad used to say that. Whenever we girls would start putting together a family party, Dad would chime in with, "Don't go getting all artsy fartsy with this. Just keep it simple." As if! Thanks for bringing up this really nice memory.


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