Thursday, February 4, 2010

CQ For Me Challenge Block

A few months ago I put out a Challenge to the girls on the HGTV board to create a Crazy Quilt Project just for themselves. We called the Challenge: CQ FOR ME CHALLENGE. Prior to going out on another fabric search, I had all the ladies send in their color choices and a vote was taken. The top two colors voted on were Blue and Green. I then set out to find two beautiful silks and a pretty floral motif. Each lady was to create something - a block, a purse, a pillow, etc. which incorporated these three items. After working on my project for two months I have finally finished it. As soon as I can find the right color of blue or green velvet, I will trim it out and make it into a pillow for my bedroom. This block measures 11x13 - the beautiful peacock was painted on silk by my dear friend Carolyn. I have saved this piece of art for a couple of years just waiting for a special project. Thank you Dec, I love it!


  1. Beatutiful block--love the way you edged the peacock with the tatting, and the beaded stand of flowers in the corner. Nice work!
    Lynn, SoCal

  2. Nicki:

    This is soooo beautiful!!! I'm so glad you were able to use the little peacock painting on this very special piece!!!



  3. Wow, that's a pretty block! Blue is my favorite color!

  4. Just GOAJUS Nicki!! I'm not a blue lover and this is to DIE for!!!

  5. Thank you ladies for your sweet comments on my peacock block. I really enjoyed making this block and with Carolyn's beautiful peacock it make it extra special.

  6. nicki... i love your purse.. i still haven't made one.. lol.. it's on my to do list!.. wish you were here to "show" me how to do it.. shey..

  7. I love this block. I'd love to use it on my blog as an example of moving the eye around a block... May I?

    Gerry K

  8. Gerry, for you to want to use one of my blocks - I am honored. I'm still trying my hardest to be able to CQ like you. Go ahead and do whatever you want - well with the exception of asking me for it - It's mine, all mine LOL! OMG! I went to see about having it framed - they wanted $225!


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