Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm baaaack! Happy New Year!!

Nana Nicki and her cuties!

2010!! How many of you are saying Two Thousand and Ten and how many Twenty Ten? I like the sound of Twenty Ten as it just seems to roll off... For 2010 I have decided instead of making the same old New Years resolutions, I would make up a Mantra for the year... LLLL 2010:

Love More
Laugh More
Listen More
Learn More

This year I my goal is to LOVE more... be it people, pets, the creative process and just life in general. LAUGH at myself when I think I'm overwhelmed and laugh more with my friends at the silly things. LISTEN more not only to what is being spoken but to the sounds of nature - like when the ocean speaks to me. LEARN anything and everything that will bring more happiness into my life and all those that I love and care about. Seems to me this approach in life will be far more productive than the same resolutions I make year after year - loose weight, exercise more and be more organized.

My recent trip to California for Christmas awakened emotions that I had been pushing way back into my heart... how very much I miss my sons. I spent 2 weeks with my youngest son Jason and his gorgeous little family. OMG! I can't tell you how awesome it was to see him playing with his own children Evita and DeAngelo. Watching him laugh, hug, kiss and doing all the things I used to do to him when he was a little boy tugged at my heart. It was amazing the pride that I felt seeing him be the daddy I knew he'd always be. Thank you Jason & Evy for letting Rob and I share the twins first Christmas - what an awesome treat! Ok Ok ... can't stop there - have to show some pictures...

Now that I'm home and the creative juices are flowing again, and before I start working on some new projects, I will be updating some of the projects I completed in 2009 during the upcoming week. Tons of new projects planned and one big step into a new venture for me for 2010 - I've finally opened a shop on Etsy and will be giving more details soon. Stay tune for an awesome Give-Away!


  1. Such beautiful photos. I love the animal hats on the babies, too. Must be nice to see your son enjoying being a parent - you must have raised him very well. My daughter graduates from high school in 2010, I say "two thousand ten" when I mention it. And my son is a 9th grader in high school. Someday I will (hopefully) have beautiful grandchildren like you do. You must feel so lucky and blessed. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. WOW look how cute those two are and how big they are getting!!! la,la,love the cute hats they are wearing :)

    I'm sure you made some great memories over Christmas in CA with your family. ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. Wow...wonderful to read what you wrote. Having known you and your heart for so long it was wonderful to still hear my friend as she has always been. I love you...

  4. Nicki I guess I have to get a clue about writing on your blog. I am anon
    ymous (Susan)

  5. Thanks girls... I can't even begin to tell you how much I already miss hearing them laugh and seeing the way they light up a room with their smiles.

    Susan, what a nice surprise to see you here... you should start a blog too -I'll help if you need it.

  6. yay, welcome home and what a beautiful family you have! Looking forward to seeing your etsy shop!

  7. look happy, sound happy!

    I hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you. Enjoy going down the Etsy Road! It will be great for those that have only been able to admire your CQ's from afar.

    Best Wishes,


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