Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crazy Quilt Face RR Blocks are home & more faces

What a wonderful surprise I got in the mail today - am I a happy CQer or what! A while back I joined in a CQI RR that involved 6 of us CQ ladies making blocks depicting "faces". Today I got all six of my blocks back and to say that I am in awe is an understatement. The work that was done is nothing but pure magic - I love everyone of them. Many thanks go out to Diane, Debbie, Gerry, Rose Ann and Leslie. I have to admit this was a very challenging RR for me as it forced me to think outside the box not only in color and theme, but also technique.

I recently completed my last two blocks that I had to work on in this RR. The first one was for Debbie. Debbie had asked each one of us to create a face for her. I Cross Stitched up a St. Nick with a gentle looking face and stitched him to the block with gold thread using a blanket stitch. I thought since the rest of the blocks were of toys, it only seemed right that St. Nick would be part of the Group.

My last block for this RR was created for Diane. Diane had sent along some cloisonne beads which reminded me of one of my favorite ladies - Cher. We all know how much Cher loved the wild and crazy headgear so I gave her my version - I sewed various pieces of black lace and lots of gold seed beads... I just love her.

Although I am happy my blocks are home, I am also sad that this RR is over. I had so much fun working on these blocks and look forward to doing another RR with these talented ladies in the future.


LLLL 2010 for today:

LOVE More- Love my wonderful husband more today than yesterday
LAUGH More - Laughed at my cat Brat for making another new and crazy sound
LISTEN More - Listened to my favorite instrumental CD "Higher Octave"
LEARN More - Learned that stretching ones creativity has no bounds


  1. Gorgeous blocks! This was such a fun round robin to watch!

  2. wow your blocks are just beautiful...It looks like it was a wonderful RR.

  3. Love it all but especially Cher! She is fabulous!

  4. Nicki, have enjoyed watching these wonderful face blocks come alive... Your set are beautiful, especially your red one of Cher.
    Well done - FDS


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