Sunday, October 24, 2010

Embellished PEACE symbol

Bakers Dozen (The-bakers-dozen) is Group of 12 very talented ladies who every 6 weeks creates something new and different. Each project we have a word that one of us has chosen as the "word" of the month so to speak. We use the word to inspire us to create something (mostly mini quilts) in any medium we choose. The word for this project was "SYMBOL". Please stop by our Blog and check out all of our creations.

When thinking about the word "symbol" I immediately thought that the word meant a picture of something that was universally understood and that is why I chose the PEACE sign. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that I grew up in the 60'& 70's and as you all know, those hippie days were all about Peace & Love.

To create my Peace sign I started out by drawing one on a piece of green wool felt. I used green to blend in with the floral theme should any show through my embellishing. I gave myself a 1" border all the way around to work within.

By layering silk ribbon embroidery, french knots using pearl cotton, lots of beads and plenty of my mini dyed lace motifs, I think I did justice to this symbol. I had thought of moutning it to a light background to be used as a pillow but hubby has suggested it might look better on the back of my blue jean jacket. We'll see.... any suggestions?


Left hand side:
Right hand side:

Bottom half:


  1. It is beautiful, gorgeous and awesome !

  2. What a beautiful 'peace' of work. If you make it into a cushion, then a limited amount of people will see it, but if you put it on the back of your jacket, you will give pleasure to so many more, and I bet you'll be overwhelmed with the compliments. It's absolutely gorgeous. Blessings

  3. GORGEOUS!.. and just thing for an old hippie like you!.. .. shey..

  4. How pretty! The back of the jacket idea is very cooool! Then again, you can hang (display) the jacket too and achieve both ideas. :)

  5. Being a child of the 60's also, I vote for jean jacket

  6. Your peace sign is GORGEOUS! Having grown up AND surviving the 60s & 70s, I am particular to the peace sign also ... FABULOUS work, Nicki ... you are SO VERY CREATIVE!


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