Friday, October 1, 2010

Crazy Quilt RR - Art Nouveau

With summer winding down, I think I will finally have time to get back to updating my blog on a regular basis. I know you've probably heard it a thousand times already but... where did the summer go? For that matter, where has the year gone? seems to me like it was just the beginning of spring.

Over the summer I was in numerous Crazy Quilt RR's. In the next few days I will share some of my work as well as some of the beautiful blocks that I have received back from the ladies of CQI (Crazy Quilt International). I love this group - everyone is so creative and so giving of their time and talents. To all of you wonderful CQI ladies - thank you ! thank you!

Mid-summer I signed up for an Art Nouveau RR which involved swapping 6x6 naked CQ blocks . Each of the 5 ladies in the group sent along 5 naked blocks to be embellished. One by one we got to choose one block to complete and then pass the rest on to the next participant until all of the blocks were ready to be sent home to their owner. The fun part was deciding which beautiful block to work on for each lady. The following are the 5 blocks that I created. My signature I hoped to leave behind on each piece was some of my dyed laces .... I almost feel naked not adding a piece to a block.

Created for Carolyn:

Creat for Colleen:

Created for Alice:

Created for Darlene:

Created for Cathy L:

Featured below are the six Art Nouveau blocks I sent around to be embellished. 5 of the ladies each pick one block and embellish it leaving the sixth for me to complete.

My naked blocks:

Work by Colleen:

Work by Cathy L:

Work by Alice:

Work by Carolyn:

Work by Darlene:

Thank you ladies for making this a beautiful swap - loved every minute of it and can't wait to do another RR with you again.


  1. WOW WOW WOW that is one awesome DYOB Nicki Lee!!! I just adore your embellishments on the blocks you made they are so lovely!!! AND your blocks were dressed up beautifully too. So now what are you going to do with them???

  2. Your work and the work of your fellow stitchers is just exquisite! Each block is very attractive.

  3. Lovely Lovely Lovely!

    It's like each block has its own story.

    Autumn is definitely here, winds are chilly. Time to organize our indoor work-spaces!

    Enjoy this beautiful weekend.

  4. Oh all of the blocks turned out so lovely!! What a wonderful group of Ladies you got to work with.

    What did you use to get the photos on to your fabric? I've been looking for something that wasn't iron-on-transfer stiff/plastic-y.

  5. These are awesome...very very nice...i love the color combinitions...great


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