Sunday, November 7, 2010

My first Christmas Stocking

Can you believe it! 48 days until Christmas and already it seems everyone is running around shopping and sewing up a storm. Me included. A couple months ago I had sign ups on the HGTV Quilting Board for the 2nd Annual SSSS. Secret Santa Stocking Swap. Everyone who signed up was matched up (random drawing) with a Secret Sister - she then has to make that person a Christmas stocking (not necessarily CQ) and fill it with no more than $20 worth of goodies. The goodies can be from her stash, made or bought. All stockings are to be delivered to the SS by December 18th. On that evening we will have a designated time (9:00 EST) where everyone across the US who has signed up will open up their stocking. Each stocking will have a Christmas card in it telling the person who sent/made their stocking. Last year we had 60 ladies - this year we beat it by 2 - we have 62!

Here is my finished stocking for ??????????? I sure hope she likes it. It's filled to the brim with little presents and I'm already ready to mail. Can you imagine getting a Christmas present 48 days before Christmas a not being able to open it? LOL!

About 20+ years ago I cross stitched a series of vintage Santas. I used one of them for my focal to start creating my stocking. I wish the picture would show all the gold threads in the Santa - very pretty.

Using, cottons, silk, brocade, velvets and lace I began building my stocking.

Once my stocking outline was compete I resized the pattern to cut it down.

Embellished the seams and added some bling then added the lining and some lace to trim off the top. SS - you know I love the color blue so I just had to add a little... the lining is done in a greenish blue... hehehe.

?????????? wish I could tell you that your present was on the way but then that would be a give away ... think I'll have to hold on to it until everyone starts mailing so you don't figure it out.


  1. Pretty! I'll have to pay closer attention to the swap next year!

    In the meantime, I need to make a stocking for the new family baby boy this year...and one for a little girl next year. I'll probably make them both soon, but not ME the name on the cuff for the second baby until after it's born and the naming is a "done deal."

  2. Very nice, NickiLee! Someone is going to love it!! Wish I'd known about the swap....maybe next year. Speaking of Christmas CQ's, I'm almost done! Hugs

  3. Hoping I'm your ssss, would love to have that stocking.

    I finished my ssss yesterday and posted the photo this morning.

    This is my favorite HGTV swap.

  4. I can't imagine holding out so long before taking a peek! hahaha!

    What a beautiful stocking! I wish we could see all the gold stitches too! Santa is a beauty.

  5. That is gorgeous!!! I wish you could teach a class on that Saftlers!!!


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