Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer is over - back from my vacations

Are ya'll wondering like me where the summer went? Poof - gone! I have to admit that this had to be one of the best summers, weather wise, I can ever remember. For the first time in years I thought I was waking up to California sunshine everyday while living here in Massachusetts. Gorgeous sunny days... a little hot at times but hey... that's ok with me as I hate the cold!

It's been about a month since I logged in so thought I'd get caught up a bit with what I've been doing over the past 3-4 weeks. Rob and I went back up to Great East Lake (Maine) and enjoyed a beautiful week fishing and kayaking... well to be honest he did more fish than I did... I sat on the dock getting a great tan all the while dying up close to 600 new pieces of lace (most soon to be listed in my Etsy Shop - RavioLee Dreams) While there we set up our camera on a tripod and took a couple of pictures... I put on a top that I wore on one of the very first summers I spent up on the lake and he put on a shirt similar to one he had back then. We took a picture to compare how far we've come over the years... I think we both pretty much look the same.. a few more wrinkles and pounds but still the same "in love" couple" ahhhhhhhh

This picture was taken in August 1995:

and this one was taken August 2010: 15 years! Where did it go?

I no sooner got home from Maine than I was packing up my suitcases to head out to California for 2 weeks to visit my son Jason's little family. OMG! Can you say "Nana in love?!" I don't think I was in the door before my heart was won over by two of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen... it was only a matter of a couple days before I heard "hi Nana" Loved it! I've been home about a week now and already it seems like months since I held them in my arms... I can only imagine how big they will be the next time I see them - they are growing up so fast.

While In CA I did a lot of CQing. I had 3 CQ RR blocks to work on as well as a few other projects. I'll post my progress on them in a new post later this week. I also met up with my dear friend Carolyn for another one of our CQ Treasure hunts in the LA Fabric District. We had lots of fun and bought tons of goodies..... mostly I enjoyed spending the time we shared at her house chatting up a storm... oh her poor son and hubby - their ears were buzzing with all the talking.

Nan Nicki and her babies (all 3 of them)

Jason & Evy and my grand babies Evita & DeAngelo:


  1. You are back! With lovely pictures and Summer memories! I'm glad you had such a good visit with family.

    I hope your Fall season is lovely and lasts awhile!

  2. Sounds like you had some great times this summer.

  3. It is good to have you back home...but I know you miss those babies!

  4. What a babe you are!!

    And what precious babies!

  5. Beautiful family you have there! Can't wait to see your new lace up on Etsy, too...let us know when you put it up, ok?


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