Friday, August 13, 2010

Gone Fishing! Yahoo!!

In just about 2 hours hubby will be waking up to finish loading the kayaks up on the truck and then we are on our way! Yahoo! Vacation time! Every year for the past 16 years we head up to Great East Lake for some kayaking and fishing and some fun in the sun. Great East is located half in NH and half in Maine so you never know which state you are in when you are paddling. I figured since it's already near 1:00 I might as well stay up and sleep in the car on the 3 hours trip north.... I'm sure Rob will like that as he won't have to listen to me yak all the way LOL!

Bags are packed and I'm ready to roll. CQ goodies packed - check, CQ Books packed - check, Dyes & Laces packed - check, Cross stitch mermaid project packed - check! Looks like I'm all set for a week of doing what I love to do most.... have to be prepared as you never know what kind of weather you might end up with. I like knowing that if I get stuck inside because it's raining I will have plenty to keep me from getting bored.


  1. Look at you two!
    Have a great vacation. I agree..always be prepared...take something to cover all bases!


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