Thursday, November 20, 2008

CQ Lace Dinner

For the past couple of days I have been deep in dyes and lace. I think I have just about had my fingers in every color of dye possible. I have been trying to dye up about 600 pieces of lace for a Lace Buy In for the girls on the HGTV Board as well as laces for an upcoming Christmas Art Festival and a few other orders . Most of the HGTV girls are involved in our latest CQ RR so I 'd like to get these in the mail by this weekend. Think if I stop playing around with them so much I might reach that goal. If you are interested in any please contact me at my email address (located in my Profile).

Not only did I dye up lace motifs, I decided to dye up quite a bit of lace trim that I have been collecting over the past years. Good thing my husband Rob is away on a business trip - there certainly isn't any real cooking being done in my kitchen this week. The layout of the lace trims reminded me of some pretty placemats, now that they are all laid out, I think I'll set up the table.

While ironing all the laces I realized I hadn't had a thing to eat in about 14 hours ... my belly was grumbling and I wanted something sweet. As I was ironing I kept thinking how pretty the laces were and then they started to look like yummy desserts. So I got to thinking, why not serve them up for dinner? Anyone up for a full course dinner of nothing but desserts?

Now that I've had my main course which has consisted of a lot of colorful things to munch on, I think I might wash all those sweets down with a nice glass of dyed ribbon.......... now where's the chocolate? LOL!


  1. And, no calories with this dessert!

    Nicki, your laces are just beautiful...and I think you're just getting better and better! I just love your work!

  2. OMG!! They are all just beautiful. You do such tremendous work.

  3. Nicki....
    Want, want, want!
    Gimme, Gimme!
    Send, Send, Send!!!

    The laces take my breath away!
    And, your photography is stunning!
    They do look like dessert!

    Okay....back to the photos!
    "I want that one and that one and
    that one and the one over on that plate and that one.........!!!"

  4. Oh, now I'm really tore up, after seeing all those. I want my lace. Someone somewhere has my lace and I want them back. I hope my mail man decides to deliver tomorrow.

  5. I just can't wait to see, touch and play with my lace. I am sure it's going to be hard to part with any of them as they are all diverse. I guess I'll just have to watch out for the next lace buy in. whoo hoo

  6. Silk Ribbon cocktail looks delicious!!!

  7. Gorgeous! And you're right, I'm hungry now!!!

  8. What a sumptuous banquet!!!
    This is the best set table I've ever seen....yum yum yum yum yum

  9. here with my mouth wide open..........speechless at the beauty......................................!!!!

  10. You've been tagged, see my blog.

  11. Nicki,

    My laces arrived!
    "How beautiful", I said over and over!
    What a wonderful variety!!

    I Want To Keep Them All...!!!

    Nicki, you are definitely in your realm, what a gift you possess.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
    ~ Jes

  12. This reminded me of a kalidescope in these photos. I love the needle purses. Your detail work is amazing!

  13. Everytime I work on any hand dyed threads, my mouth starts watering and my tummy grumbling thinking about fruits and desserts. its the symptom for working on dyed supplies.

  14. WOW Nicki these desserts are just AWESOME!!! Do you by any chance sell them?

  15. Ah ladies, I'm so glad that my colors make you hungry. Thank you for all your wonderful comments. The New Year is just around the corner so it's time for another batch.... and yes Rose Anne. they are for sale just email me if you are interested.

  16. Thanks for visiting blog, Nicki! I've just been reading through yours for the first time. I love the two cardinal pictures at the top... We used to get them when I lived in MN, but we don't see them in WA. Hard to surpass natural beauty.... but... these laces and trim are drop dead gorgeous! OMG, YES, I would like to sit down to a feast such as was on your table. What a great idea to photograph them like that!!!! Thanks for all the fab eye candy!

    Robin A.

  17. hi i live in South-Africa. where do i buy your stunning lace?
    regards Marihette

  18. Marihette, Thank you for visiting my blog. To answer your questions, "All Over" I have been collecting and buying laces for quite a few years ands have lots that I find very hard to part with. Since I have family that live all over the US and some overseas they are constantly being bugged to send me laces. For the most part I check out every fabric and sewing store I can find. Stay tuned...I'll be posting picture soon of my next batch of desserts.

  19. LOL - I think the fumes are starting to get to you Nicki! I have to admit though - these look good enough to eat!

  20. What a set up Nicki!! Beautiful!!! I would love to have dinner with you anytime. lol


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