Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 1970 - Happy Birthday Erik

I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach wondering why? Well every year on this day it happens... the mother in me sits back and dreams of years gone by and wonders "where did the years go?" Today, December 13, 2010 is my son Erik's 40th Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Griskie !!!

Who is this cute little boy holding a fire cracker? He's all grown up now and a true Fire Cracker in every sense of the word. Funny, wild, smart, and mind of his own, would give you his last penny, handsome and just a bit crazy like his mom. I just realized something... you loved the beach as a little boy and now you live in Maui... must have been your fate.

What a cutie with your long hippie hair ... always looking out for your mom

Ok... so I wasn't the best at given haircuts in those days but.... I sure know how to use a pair of scissors now! This is one of my favorite pictures of you and your little brother Jason. If Santa could bring me one present this year. I'd wish for just one more day with you and Jason as little boys again.... I miss those days.

All grown up - Erik, you'll never know how much all you did for me on my special day meant to both Rob and I. I love you more than words can say and miss you more! Happy 40th Birthday my #1 baby, I wish you love and much happiness in the next 40 years. Always remember.... your mommy loves you.


  1. Hope your son has a Happy Birthday! And you enjoy your special memories. ( Our son has his birthday tomorrow.)

  2. happy birthday to your son! it seems he knows how awesome his mom is!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son. No matter what their age their always our babies.

  4. Aloha Mommie,Thank you for all your B-day wishes & the trip down memory lane. If even half of those things you say about me are true, it's because I had the best mother anyone could ever wish for.Your wish for Santa sounds like a great idea.I love you more than I could ever say.
    Merry X-Mas MOM

  5. You and Erik are making me cry. What a beautiful tribute to your baby, and a more beatiful response from your baby. God bless you both.

  6. Happy Birthday Erik!! I would love to meet you one day!

    My Christmas wish is for your mom to wake on Christmas morning to you on her doorstep! :)

  7. • • • Nicki, now you know you can't go back in time, but I'm sure that won't stop you from trying. : )

    Such a milestone for you, you must have been a kid yourself when you had him. ;)


    Sorry I'm a day late.

  8. Wow, Erik..what a wonderful tribute to you by your FAB mom. She loves you more than you can know. You have made her a happy lady with your response. Happy Birthday to you!

    You sound very loving yourself!

  9. I remember when he was just a little kid! How proud you are of him and what an amazing mom he has!


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