Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Blue CQ Christmas from Suztats!

Last summer I got to chatting with Suz suztats and we immediately struck up a friendship. Do you ever wonder how many friends you've made over not just a cup of coffee but via a thread and needle? Well Suz and I decided that we would love to have a one on one swap of CQ blocks.

I posted about the summer block I sent her over the summer but forgot to ever post pictures of the one she sent me. My pictures are out of order here so I am actually beginning with the beautiful Blue Christmas CQ block she just sent me. Isn't it gorgeous! I can't believe all the little Christmas presents under the tree and how she created such an awesome tree out of lace and stitches.... oh and look at the star on top! Thank you Suz - I adore it!

I just love my summer block that Suz made me. We both sent a naked block to each other and chose the theme "things that fly" Suz did such beautiful work on this block with tons and tons of little swirly flowers - still not sure what stitch it is called - looks like lots of tatting with butterflies and a dragonfly and some cute little bees..

Look at these beautiful flower clusters!

and isn't this the prettiest pink cluster?

Thank you Suz - love all the pretty little goodies you tatted up for me too. We will certainly have to do another one of our swaps in 2011.


  1. I believe the summer flowers are made from cast-on stitch.

    Cris in MT

  2. Hey NickiLee, I'm thrilled you like your Christmas square! It has been so much fun swapping CQ squares with you. Hmmm, what shall we do in 2011??

    p.s.-in case you wanted to know, all the little round 'flowers' are tatted Josephine Rings, and the leaves are tatted Josephine Chains sewn back into the material.
    I don't know the term cast-on stitch, but perhaps it's another way of creating the samething.

  3. Lovely! Hope you will have a wonderful Christmas, Nicki! :-)

  4. Beautiful. What a lovely Christmas tree. And I like the clusters of cast-on-stitch or tatted flowers.

  5. Suz CQ blocks are so wonderful, must be a pleasure to receive so fine blocks, the christmas tree is wonderfully made, and so is the quilt in your previous post Nicki.

  6. That is definitely a beautiful block! Must have been a fun swap.
    Merry Christmas


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