Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Favorite Kind of Evening

Life sure has its way of passing us by all too fast so when you have the chance to just sit back, relax and take in a beautiful night you've got to grab it. My husband Rob and I were thinking about going to the movies tonight but instead decided we wanted to take advantage of a beautiful night. We packed a picnic and headed down to the harbor to sit out on our boat (Altair) to eat dinner. As soon as I brought out the food we had company. I know better than to get on Altair without goodies for our visitors. About a dozen or so beautiful ducks and geese came over to greet us - of course they were quacking for something to eat. Some crackers would do - leave the pepperoni and cheese for me..please. We sat out for about 2 hours just enjoying the sea breeze and the salt air. The Harbor was very quiet for a Saturday ... we are thinking that with the gas prices the way they are it's just too costly to be filling up a boat - good thing we have a sailboat. The clouds started coming in as we are in for some thunder later this evening but not before we were treated to a beautiful sunset.... so happy I'm one of those people who never leave home without my camera - you just never know what beauty you might capture.

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