Thursday, July 31, 2008

Buster Babe at Work

Over the past couple of days I have received quite a few orders for my dyed laces so I took to the deck and have been dying lace like a mad women.... Yikes! Close to 400 pieces! I decided to give my new CQ friend, Buster Babe, a workout and have to tell you he was worth every bit the $4.99 I paid for him. So much so I think I will be heading back to Ikea to pick up a couple more CQ toys. I just love the little guy! After the dying was done I thought hmmmmmm.... what else could I use him for... let's see how he likes hanging out with the Dotee Dolls!
The deadline for mailing out my Dotee Dolls fora couple of swaps I'm in is fast approaching. I just mailed out 4 of them yesterday and will hopefully be mailing out at least 6 by the middle of next week. Funny how you get attached to something so cute. All but one will be flying off to new homes. My very first Dotee is called Ms. Garden Angel and I have decided she will stay with me - it's always so hard to give up the first one of anything. Today I saw first hand how something so little and so cute could light up some ones day. My mother-in-law is in the hospital recuperating from hip surgery so I thought I would make her a special Dotee to brighten her day - it worked!


  1. He's definitely working for you!
    How great - eight arms!!

    The laces are sure showy!
    I'm inspired!
    It's August... and I did say that in August I would get back to trying fabric dyeing. Got loads of muslin to play with.

    Have fun, Nicki! Your creations are wonderful.
    ~ Jes

  2. I love Buster Babe! He's awesome. WHat cute photos of him hard at work. Ikea, huh? I just may have to run down there!


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