Monday, July 23, 2012

A Little Summertime CQing

Can ya'll believe that it's getting close to the point we are saying "summer is almost over?"  Where did it go?  I hope you all have been having a great summer and enjoying the warm weather.  We up here in MA have been having one heck of a hot sunny summer and I for one am loving it!

A while back I mentioned that I had hurt my shoulder while walking Lily.  Well, after month of being in pain and 4 weeks of PT, it has been determined that it's now time for an MRI.  So... here I sit waiting again for an appointment and then I'll end up waiting for the Dr. to schedule a surgery date.  Seems like a long time to have to put up with pain and most of all put up with the fact that I wasted a whole summer not being able to kayak.  Boo hoo.  Well one thing for sure it hasn't stopped me from CQing and it won't stop be from enjoying my grand babies when they come out in another couple of weeks.

I am currently hosting a CQ RR on the HGTV Quilting forum.  15 ladies split into 3 groups.  I have completed 2 blocks so far and am now waiting for my next set of blocks to come my way.

This is one of Ann's blocks - I chose to use the chain stitch to outline the leaves and also added some bead and SRE:

Another Block I finished was for Nancy - I loved the vibrant gypsy colors and used a piece of my dyed lace along with a pretty beaded up heart shaped you yo as the focal.

Of course summer in my back yard would not be complete without me playing in my dyes.  I preparation for my upcoming shoulder surgery I decided to spend 3 weeks dyeing laces - YES, you can say I am hoarding them... it's a severe addiction that there seems to be no cure for.  I am, and I will admit "a hoarder of laces".  While I'm down recooping, it'll give me plenty of time to start uploading lots of pretties to my Etsy shop for the Holidays.  Here are a few to tease you.



  1. Oh dear Nicki Lee,I am really sorry that you have been in pain for so long, and now face surgery.I hope you can get some relief when that happens.

    Love what you have been doing with your Crazy Quilting.Would you still like to do a swap?
    Judy XX

  2. Hi Judy! I guess that's what happens when you start piling on the birthdays LOL! I just want ot get back to where I was before the injury so I can enjoy kayaking with my hubby again.

    Anytime you are ready, I'm up for a swap. What type? Goodie bag or an item - name it.


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