Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CQ Valentine Challenge Contest

Yea!!!!!!!! I can finally show ya'll what I have been busy working on for the past month or so.  I'm so happy to have another project done and one that I really enjoyed creating.

2 months ago I Challenged a group of Crazy Quilters on the HGTV board to a Valentine Contest.   Each participant was mailed a kit consisting of 7 items - 2 pieces of fabric (red & cream) 2 medium size lace motifs,  2 small heart motifs, 2 charms and 1.5 yards of pale pink rayon ribbon.  The Challenge was to create something no smaller than 10" using every item but with the extra added bonus of adding anything else they wanted to incorporate.  Materials in the kit could be altered as long as they were used.  If you'd like to see some pretty eye candy please check out the CQ Valentine Challenge in my Flicker Albums.  The names of each participant and their Winning blocks are noted under their names.

This was my entry into the Contest (12"):


  1. Beautiful work! Am off to see the flickr album.

  2. Beautiful piece Nicki! I love that you can show it off now!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Nicki! I just loved your block!! Your details are amzazing : )

    Danielle xo

  4. This quilting block is amazing I don't even know which of the details i like more all is just very beautiful

  5. Stunning, Nicki. You have a true gift. Truly inspiring.

    I loved looking at the album, but I was unable to comment on the pieces.

    oxo Judy


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