Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Incredible Surprise!

Happy New Year! 
 May 2012 bring you all health,
 happiness, peace at heart
 and lots of love!

Have you ever found yourself dancing alone in your kitchen, singing a crazy made up song and just being plain silly?  If so - feels good doesn't it?  Well last week I found myself doing just that.  I think my new pup Lily was thinking "OMG! is she for real!"

The reason for my giddiness - I had just picked up a box at the Post Office that I was not expecting.  At first glance I noticed the return address and was thinking "now what in the world is Jayardi sending me?"  Jayardi is my friend Jean who lives in WI.  We met on the HGTV Quilting forum about 6 years ago and have met once in person in NH at Quilting Retreat in 2009.  She is such a talented soul and just as sneaky.  Little did I know that when I opened my mouth a couple years ago and told her I loved a quilt that she had made that she would send it to me.  Look at this BEAUTY!  It's mine!  All mine!  I still can't believe she gave this up and sent it to me. 

Every year for as long as I can remember, Jean hosts a Scraps to Treasures Quilting Challenge.  All the money raised for the raffle of these quilts goes to Charity.  Each participant is required to send in a set of blocks (same fabric) for every person in the Challenge.  Once the blocks have been distributed you are to make a quilt using all the blocks plus a few extra that you can earn as Bonus Blocks.   It is simply amazing how everyone can have the same fabrics to work with and there end up being 30 totally different quilts.  This quilt was Jean's entry - she won 2nd Place.  Before the voting even took place I mentioned to her that I'd love to know who made it as I absolutely loved it.  Little did I know that she was the maker and that a few years later she would gift it to me.  I love you Jean - you are #1 in my book!

Oh, did I forget to mention that Jean is also a gifted artist when it comes to machine quilting?  Check out the back of this quilt - AMAZING!  It is just as pretty as the front.  I have the perfect place to hang this quilt - now to buy a beautiful rod.



  1. • • • Why are you always trying to embarrass me? :{

    I do need to clarify, that quilt was withdrawn from the challenge before the prizes were awarded. Although, it did receive a blue ribbon at the WI State Fair.

  2. This is a beautuful gift from the heart!! Lucky Nicki Lee!!

  3. That really is beautiful, front and back. What a wonderful gift from your friend.


  4. What a wonderful gift! I think it's two quilts in one--the back side is so beautifully quilted, I'd love to have it hanging on my wall!

  5. Beautiful ! You are truly blessed to have such a loving friend !
    Lucky You !
    A gift from the heart has no equal.

  6. Wow how great is that - a real treasure. Wonderful start to the new year!

  7. What a gorgeous work of art from an equally beautiful friend! You are very lucky indeed, Nicki! Enjoy!

  8. Wow, what a fantastic surprise and quilt that is. Congratulations! I can imagine you are/were doing that happy dance and singing all day long! Good for you!!

  9. I knew the front of that quilt was awesome, but the back and all that quilting is spectacular!
    You are a lucky, deserving woman!
    And Jean is a wonderfully gracious one!

  10. Nicki you are so loved!
    What an amazing piece of artwork in this double sided quilt - no wonder you are over the moon.
    It is a keepsake I'm sure.
    And you so deserve it.
    Love and hugs,

  11. Which magnificent present, I am happy for you; your friend has an incredible talent, the back of the quilt is also spectacular as the front!
    That 2012 is of the happiest and most creative for you, a blessing for all your family!

    Beautiful day

  12. Oh Happy Day!!! and happy new year! :) So happy for you Nicki, when we were all in Manchester and Jean was still putting finishing touches on it - I think you'd be happy to know that ithinksew actually put "one single stitch" into this quilt. Jayardi had left the room for a moment and Talia got up and turned the wheel to make the needle go up and down once so that she could say she helped in making this quilt. hahaha :) Funny girl! :)

    I knew that you would one day end up with this quilt as Jean mentioned she had decided to give it to you while we were in Manchester :) I know you will treasure it forevah!!! :)

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

  13. This is a beautiful piece, I hope you don't mind but I pinned it on my pintrest board, for inspiration for my Longarm work.



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