Sunday, October 9, 2011

CQ Challenge Contest Winners!!!

As mentioned in a previous post, I recently hosted a Crazy Quilt Challenge Contest on the HGTV Quilting Forum.  All votes were tabulated late Friday night and the Winners Announced on Saturday.  Many thanks go out to all the ladies who signed up for this Challenge - your participation was what made this contest such a huge success and the pieces of art you all created were fabulous!

You can view each of the 22 entries here:  HGTV CQ Challenge Contest  - please feel free to leave a comment under the pictures as I'm sure the ladies would appreciate them.  To view a larger picture just click on the picture or go to "Details".   All participants were sent a kit consisting of the blue/green swirly fabric, white textured fabric, 2 bird charms, 1 - I love You charm, 2 pieces of lace and a strip of green silk ribbon to incorporate into a block of their choice.


1st Place Winner of $100!
1st Place Winner - Maureen Greeson
 2n Place Winner of $70
2nd Place Winner -  Me! Nicki Lee
 3rd Place Winner of $50
3rd Place Winner - Lynn Gelston
 4th Place Winner of $30
4th Place Winner -  Ely Ahsanulla


  1. Wow! Congratulations to all the winners! Well deserved!

  2. All are beautiful! Congrats to the lucky winners!!!

  3. Congratulations to all...I'm not sure if that Nicki Lee gal should have won though,LOL Just kidding sweetie! Beautiful work, thanks for sharing.

  4. Beauitful work!! Congrats to all.. I saw Maureens in person and I knew she had a winner. Glad your back Nicki..

  5. Nicki you CQ is so wonderful love all the different embroidery, I know it's a big work to make these embroideries, congratulations to all the winners.

  6. All the blocks were just beautiful. I love the 4 that was chosen. Congratulations to the ladies.
    Red Velvet


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