Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pretties to show off

Ohhhhhhh have I got pretties to show you today! Whenever I mail out a lace order I ask my customers to please sends me a couple pictures to let me see what they are creating with the laces. Two of my favorite customers have bought the Mini/Middie Packs of lace and have sent me pictures showing me how they were used. Here are few pictures of some of the beautiful creations made by two very talented ladies.

These gorgeous hearts were created by Diane Knotts . Be sure to check Diane's Etsy shop out : Cottage by the Pond as she has tons of beautiful items for sale. Diane dabbles in all kinds of pretties so be prepared to see lots of eye candy.

Another of my customers is Jackie who has her shop Catangel on Ebay. Jackie makes the most gorgeous beaded ornaments and right now she is making egg shaped ornaments for Easter using lace and beads. Simply beautiful!

This pretty purple Easter Egg is one that I bought from Jackie's collection.


  1. Magnificent creations, bravo in all to have emphasized so nicely your work!

    Beautiful day

  2. Oh! You surprised me, Nicki Lee!!! Thank you!


    Hugs, Diane

  3. Wow those are all gorgeous, It is so neat to see how your customers use your lovely lace motifs. Thank you so much for sharing Nicki:)

    Ann Flowers

  4. These are beautiful - what great gift items - Deanna -


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