Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double the CQ Fun! Pat Winter's and Kathy Shaw!

After a long winter, and more snowy days to come I'm sure, us Crazy Quilters have something too look forward to that will help fill our CQ addiction. I'm sooo excited! A new CQ Magazine and a new Crazy Quilt book out at the same time!

For years I have dreamed that someday, someone would come out with a Crazy Quilt magazine that featured all things beautiful. Well, it has happened! Head on over to Pat Winter's blog to order the first edition of her new Crazy Quilt magazine, Crazy Quilt Gatherings. Filled with so much eye candy you won't need any Valentine candy to feed you sweet cravings. You will love all the fabulous Artists who are featured and the beautiful projects they create. Congratulations to each one of them.

I haven't posted much about my Etsy shop, RavioLee Dreams, as I tend to have a problem putting myself out there when it comes to marketing. I am now proud to say my first bit of advertising now appears in Pat's magazine on page 14. I am closing in on 300 Sales so be sure to check back now and then as I will be having a celebration with a Big Blog Give Away.

Kathy Shaw has just announce the release of her new book Embellishing Crazy Quilts which you can order directly from her blog. Full of CQ stitches and motifs to embellish, you are sure to have tons of fun letting your creativity flow.


  1. Nicki, I love this mag!!I just love the fact that Crazy Quilting allows for so much embellishing!!I love "RICH"..textures, fabrics,...Love your blog.
    Thanks for the lovely comment on mine.

  2. Nicki, Wait until you get Pat's magazine copy! You'll love it! I can't wait to get my order from you. Thank you for the Etsy message.
    :-) I will put your Etsy shop on my sidebar of shopping places!

  3. I already have both of these and they're spectacular. Just wanted to mention that Allison Aller has a new book on CQ out might want to check it out!


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