Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A purse and a whole lot of CQ

The past few weeks my fingers have been addicted to a needle filled with threads and beads. I can't seem to let go of the needle and thread - in fact, I think I just might have one growing from my hands LOL!

Let me see.. yesterday I finally put together a couple of CQ blocks from a RR I was in with the girls from CQI. To date, it has to be the prettiest most girlie girlie item I own - I just love it! Many thanks go out to FFT#9 Group - Darlene, Carolyn, Ellen and Thearica for helping me create this beautiful purse. When I first signed up for the particular RR I sent in my block, I was immediately told that the block was too small to be worked on by 4 ladies so they would be willing to work on two blocks for me - Yahoo! I hurried up, made another block and the result ... a few months later were these two gorgeous blocks. My idea was to make them into a purse. Well, the purse is now put together but it still needs a handle. I'm thinking maybe a gold chain or how about a handle made up of pearls. Anyone have an idea or know of a place I can buy pretty purse handles?

I know it's hard to believe but there are times when I do stray away from Crazy quilting. Last summer, I was invited up to my friend Cindy's summer home in Maine. A group of us girls got together for 3 days of food, fun and sewing. While there I started making a summer purse with the help of a few "sane" quilters. Yesterday, while enjoying a "sew day" with a couple friends, I actually finished that purse! At least now I have a purse for this spring all ready made. Not my usually "Blue" but green! I love it and can't wait to switch out purses for the sunny weather.

Well now that I've got my purse groove on I think I can concentrate more on the purse I am making for the upcoming CQI Purse Contest. I have my blocks made, tons of ideas floating around in my head and now need to sit down and let the fingers do the talking. No pictures to post until after the contest as everything has to stay a secret until after the voting.... wish me luck!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

CQ For Me Challenge Block

A few months ago I put out a Challenge to the girls on the HGTV board to create a Crazy Quilt Project just for themselves. We called the Challenge: CQ FOR ME CHALLENGE. Prior to going out on another fabric search, I had all the ladies send in their color choices and a vote was taken. The top two colors voted on were Blue and Green. I then set out to find two beautiful silks and a pretty floral motif. Each lady was to create something - a block, a purse, a pillow, etc. which incorporated these three items. After working on my project for two months I have finally finished it. As soon as I can find the right color of blue or green velvet, I will trim it out and make it into a pillow for my bedroom. This block measures 11x13 - the beautiful peacock was painted on silk by my dear friend Carolyn. I have saved this piece of art for a couple of years just waiting for a special project. Thank you Dec, I love it!


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