Friday, November 6, 2009

CQ Mini Needle Book Ornaments

WEW! It's been one busy week. Like everyone I know, we all have those "to do" lists a mile long. I decided early this week I was going to start hammering away from top to bottom and start getting some of the projects done, fini and crossed of my ever growing list. Why is it you cross of one thing but seem to add 10!

Since I am hosting a CQ Ornament swap on the HGTV Board, I thought I should at least get my 12 ornaments completed and ready to swap out at the end of the month. Check mark - done! I decided to make mini needle books - something that could be hung on a tree but then used after the holidays. Since I love shabby chic colors I went for the soft pinks and greens - all 12 measure just about 2x3 and are CQ'd on both sides.

While I was in my "needle book" frame of mind I also whipped up a few more that will be little surprises along the way. On these particular ones I used some of the prettiest velvet that I have ever found - tucked away for just the right project.

Of course what would one of my projects be if I didn't make something "BLUE!" I made this one for a special friend for a special day that she has coming up (3x4)

So, with this project done I'm off to finish working on a custom Needle book that Shogun of the HGTV board won in a contest I held a couple weeks ago. Ali, I'm almost done and hope to get it in the mail to you sometime next week... don't want to ruin the surprise by posting a picture quite yet.


  1. your needle cases are so precious.....hugs Lisa

  2. I love this idea of making an ornament that can be used for practical purposes later! I do a swap with the same group of women every year and this is a great idea for next year (as this year's ornies are done). Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are GORGEOUS. And what a creative ornament idea!!


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