Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Quilt Faces RR

Want to see something that takes Crazy Quilting to a new level? When I received this package in the mail today I could not stop laughing! These wonderful blocks belong to Gerry and I just know she is going to flip out when she gets them home - they are hysterical!

Meet Opal & Pearl -

A few months ago I signed up for another RR with the CQI Group. This RR has us all creating CQ blocks depicting "faces" to be passed around for embellishment. Well today I received my next round. Inside the box I pulled out 2 completed blocks - Opal & Pearl. I love them! Without any further ado... my I present Ms. Opal in all her glory - created by the one and only Rose Anne

and Ms. Pearl with her beautiful peacock hat - decked out to the nines by Leslie - check out the pup in her arms - too cute!

Since I am blond (well most of the time -LOL!) I have chosen to work on Bertha. I haven't quite decide how I will deck her out but you can be sure she will be ready to party with these ladies in her finest apparel.


  1. These blocks are so much fun!! They are so cute!

  2. I remember when Gerry posted these. I keep saying "No, I'd never do something like this. These people are over the edge!" BUT every time I see another post I'm falling. So 'something'. Cute just doesn't cut it. I really love what ya'll are doing with them and admire your imagination and skills!!

  3. wow that one on the left looks SO FOR REAL!!!! what amazing faces you have created!!!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  4. OK!!! I have to do one of these blocks!!!

    These are way over the top awesome!!!

  5. How original!
    They are really creative!

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  7. Were the faces already attached to naked blocks, and you're finishing them up? Too cute!


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