Monday, August 24, 2009

CQing and Some Faces

Ok, I'm back. I've been really laxed in posting to my blog and have decided that I've got to get back into it. You know how it is, you try out something new, get hooked and something else always takes a back seat. Well... the "something" that got in the way was me trying to get healthy. I finally got tired of this big old "thing" following me everywhere I went and got off my butt and started walking. I meet up with my friend Sally and we walk all over... just did a beautiful 7.5 mile walk along the Cape Cod canal that was awesome - what a view. Then we found another place to walk along the shores of Plymouth Beach.... this could get to be a habit. After 3 weeks my legs and feet are really starting to feel a lot better and I'm even sleeping great and going to bed early!

I've also been doing a lot of CQing. Spent a week up in Maine last week laying around in the sun, fishing, kayaking and CQing the days away. I worked on Ellen's block for the CQI FFT#9 Group. When I received her block I fell in love with it as it was BLUE! I immediately cut up some small lace motifs, dyed them and layered them so when sewed in place, it would become a beautiful little garden. Along with some silk ribbon, beads and stitches, I think I might have succeeded....I sure hope she likes it.
In my last blog I showed some pictures of some faces I made and sent out for a CQ RR. Well the ones that were left behind I decided to play with...this is what they look like now. Once I use them as an embellishment on a future CQ block I will extend the french knots and beads into the block. What fun!


  1. What a beautiful garden those laces make! Your laces always look incredible.

  2. I agree you laces turned out lovely. i really like the garden you made and it complements the block perfectly!!

    Great for you in trying to get healthy! I love walking too. your walk sounds so enjoyable and with a good view:)

  3. I love your lace work, so beautiful!! The faces are great too!!

  4. Nicki, your lace garden is gorgeous! I wish I could run home and make a garden of my own right now! I just put a link to this post on my blog so maybe a few new folks will discover you.


  5. Thank you ladies - I had fun making this little garden for Ellern and as you know, I love dying laces. I just finished dying up about 400 pieces.

    Denise, once again - thank you! What a nice surprise to wake up and see my garden featured. Stay tuned for a Summer Picnic of Laces. I am finally working towards opening up a shop on Etsy! and will let you know.

  6. Beautiful laces, Nicki!
    Love the garden!
    Keep making the faces, they are

  7. i Nicki, good to find your blog.
    I love your dyed laces and the garden is beautiful.

  8. Nicki, your lace garden is beautiful!
    I still hope to become CQ-er. :)

  9. The lace garden is lovely, so textural and dimensional as well as full of rich colour! And those faces are wonderful, too!


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