Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crazy Quilt Motif Swap

Remember the lace motifs I made a couple weeks ago for a swap that I had signed up for with the CQI Group? Well the swap is over and my goodies finally came - I'm so excited! During the course of a month or so we were all teased with tons of pictures of all the pretties that were being submitted to the Swap Hostesses... every day I would see another pretty and say "Oh, I want one of those!" The talent that went into making each and everyone of these motifs is incredible! I received everything from SRE on silk, tatted snowflakes, baskets, stars and a seahorse!, beaded stars and cabochons, to embroidered ribbon and dyed lace to crocheted flower baskets & a heart... love them all! The nice thing about participating in a swap like this is you get a chance to see so many new techniques which, in turn, will push you into learning something new. I want to thank each and every lady for the awesome motifs I received in this swap and promise to do justice to all of them. Thank you and many thanks to our wonderful hostesses - I can't wait to do this again!


  1. I hope you bring those to the retreat for show and tell!! I would love to see them and am sure lots of the others would too.

  2. I know, isn't that fun? I should take a photo of all mine, too!
    Dakotah :)

  3. Oh Nicki those are great, I especially love the basket full of sunflowers/brown eyed susies.


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