Friday, March 27, 2009

Crazy Quilt Mini Mermaid Block


I'm so excited! I finally finished my mini mermaid block and am happy to say "I love her" I had so much fun beading her up and embellishing the ocean theme. She measure 8.5 x 11 and if I can figure out a way to quilt/bind her I will use this as my first page in my monthly art journal project. I am naming this page "I wish I was a Mermaid"

In the top right hand corner is a small piece of silk fabric (in purples) that I cut from a piece of silk that I had dyed about 10 years ago using resist. The piece measured about 24x24 and had been sitting in a box for years... might as well put it to use! Also in the right hand corner is a beaded fish that my dear friend Ely made for me. She knows how much I love the ocean and thought this fish would be great in one of my "ocean" themed CQ projects. Ely... it is the perfect touch! Along with some of my dyed laces, I added seashells, a beads. My friend Carolyn made me some awesome polymer clay shells - the starfish hidden amongst the seaweed.


  1. WOW!! Nicki, she is beautiful!! The colors and beading are perfect. And I think that would be the perfect first page for your journal, and of course in your favorite colors!! :)
    Maybe page two will be orange!! ;)

  2. Nicki, you do some wonderful things with your CQ! Lyn G

  3. Tammy..

    She actually told me she was thining of using orange next..lets see if she stands true to that..


    it is absolutely beautiful...I can see why you love it and why you dont know what day it is !! She is awesome...from the beading to the colors to the sea weed...she;s perfect !

  4. I just love the beading that you did on the mermaid... I'm not a big UTS fan but this block could convert me.... The whole block has "real" substance and tells a story...biggies in my eyes

    Gerry K.

  5. Well, this is absolutely lovely!!!! The beaded mermaid is beautiful....what a way to start a journal! It will be a fantastic work of art! It will be fun to see what else you do for the journal...enjoy it!!! Pat

  6. Dear Nicki....She's beautiful!
    I can imagine how excited are - she is a work of art!

    ~ Jes

  7. You do good work woman! I love it and that beading, awesome. I want to see it for real in a few weeks please!!

  8. Nicki, the block is beautiful. Love the lace and beading.

  9. Nicki,

    You've done an exquisite job on your mermaid..Wow!!! hugs, Skye

  10. Well, you mentioned something in a previous email about an "Under the Sea" block and now I see it - how gorgeous! What exquisite work. I love it. And my granddaughters, who love mermaids, would love it!

    Cathy (the sunflower crocheter)

  11. This is absolutely gorgeous and so inspiring! I have some fabrics with different things on them and would never have thought to use it as a backdrop to bead it into life.

    Your work is wonderful!

  12. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I'm so glad ya'll like her as much as I do. I still haven't figured out how I'm going to quilt this block but need to get busy on it before I start my April journal page. The ideas are already flying for the next 4-5 pages.

  13. Nicki...Your block is gorgeous! I LOVE how you beaded the mermaid! heck, I love the whole block!

  14. I love this block you did a wonderful job!


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