Monday, December 22, 2008

Just thinking......about a miracle

With winter comes the beauty of a fresh fallen snow and the feeling like a blanket of white soft cotton has covered the earth. Yesterday we had a visitor, a beautiful red cardinal who, with its gorgeous color, just made the snow pop. For some reason, this beautiful red bird reminded me of love... the love of a miracle........

Over the past months I have kept pretty much to posting about my creative side and not much on the personal side. Not that I didn't want to share but I thought I would keep my blog just geared to things I love to make, colors I love and various projects I'm involved with.

Tonight I'd like to share with you a wonderful miracle. As some of you know, my son Jason and his wife Evy are expecting twins next June. I wish more than anything I could be living near them to experience this exciting time they are going through but me being in Massachusetts and they in California makes it a little hard. It's been a long struggle for them but soon they will be blessed with a beautiful little girl and boy. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for them and for both sets of grandparents as it is the first time for all of us.

Jason and Evy just sent me the most wonderful gift - a CD of their ultra sound. Modern techonology is just incredible! I got to see my grandbabies for the first time and just sat and cried. I am going to be a Nana! It now is so real. My wish for them is to enjoy the next 6 months and to take in every aspect of this wonderful experience. I know they will both be wonderful parents and look forward to the day when these two beautiful babies call my baby, "daddy". Evy & Jason... dreams do come true.

Just call me "Nana Nicki"


  1. Nana, I teared up on that one. I'm not expecting any grandbabies anytime soon but when I do, I will also be far away. I can just imagine how you must feel. I'm so happy you got to experience that.


  2. Nicki, you mention the word "miracle" as I have found in these past 9 months of Layla & PJ miracles happen often.

    I have a feeling that you will be experiencing many miracles with your grandbabies, I think you will find CA won't be so far away after all.

    It's hard to stop a nana on her mission of being there as much as you can. So very happy for you!

  3. Nana Nicki, I am so happy for you! May God watch over them as they grow. I know you will spoil them rotten. I bet we will all be seeing ultrasound pictures at the retreat.

  4. An Incredibly Merry Christmas to you, your family and pets.


  5. Merry Merry Christmas, Nicki!

    Our warmest wishes to you and
    your family!

    ~ Jes

  6. that is awesome that they sent you a copy of the ulrtasound!!! I so wish we could ahve made a copy of ours. We did get to take our DVD camera and film the tv screen so that is at least something to have :)

    your son and DIL are gonna be changed foreveah with their two little angels... there just aren't enought words to explain it... but Olivia & Paul THomas are certainly worth all the sleepless nights and hours of crying, and don't forget cases fo diapers...LOL

    It is hard being here in TX so far from our family in KY - but we survived... and now 18 months later, I look back and think how did we? Tell them to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep all they can now! Hopefully Eve can get a little more than 2-3 hours at a time without having to go potty... LOL

    oh how I am excited for you and them... ;) Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  7. oh and i forgot t share soemthing that works for us and our family... we go home 2 times every year and anyhting extra is an unplanned bonus. we spread our times out to be 4th of July and Thanksgiving..

    then my dad and step mom come 2 or 3 times here to see us.. usually early Feb...Memorial Day in May...and Labor day in Sept..

    then David's mom comes every year the week between Christmas and New years...

    this way we get to see all of the grandparents ever 2 or 3 months throughout the year. It works out so nice for us and them... and they can feel like they know them.. and in my opinion it makes the visits ore special b/c when we are there my kids re the ones in the spotlight with mamaw and papaw for the week :) and all the other grand kids have to wait their turn. LOL

    I hope you can find some cheap tickets and go out twice a year and your son and DIL come to you at least twice a year... ;)


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