Monday, September 15, 2008

One Wild Birdhouse!

A couple days ago I received a surprise in the mail. Upon opening the box you could have heard me screaming OMG! It was the coolest, prettiest, most colorful, awesome birdhouse! My friend, EverythingQuilts from the HGTV Quilting Board made it for me. Oh... I just love it. Little did she know that for the past 10-12 years I have been collecting birdhouses for my sun porch. This pretty has found a great home ... think I'll have to figure out a name for the bird. Don't know why - but the name MAX just came to me... so Max, welcome to your new home.


  1. Nicki - I love love love that birdhouse!
    EverythingQuilts came up with such a cute idea for the little birds!

    ~ Jes

  2. Hi Nicki,
    I always enjoy to visit your blog.
    You're my nominee for the "Kreativ
    Blogger Award".
    Much Love,

  3. first off... what a unique and sooooo YOU beautiful header photo!!! I love it! so bright and cheerful :)

    and that bird house is super cool too!!!

    and 3rdly... I was just over at a blog I have saved in my HGTV memebre blogs...but forget who's it is... and thought perhaps someone coming to the '09 COF knows how to make these fabric balls like she posted about??? and coudl do a demo maybe? what cha think?

  4. PS - Don't forget to visit Quiltaholic's blog and enter her first evah bloggiveaway!!! Here's her link:

    love from Texas! ~bonnie

  5. awww Welcome home Max! And what a great home to have!


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