Saturday, March 7, 2015

Almost a year.................

It's getting close to 1 year that I lost my both my fathers.  For some reason only known to my heart, I just haven't been able to post any new blog postings as I thought it would push my memories far away of these 2 wonderful men.  I think about where my heart was this time last year and know that even though the heartache has lessened somewhat, the ache of missing both my dads is still here.

It's been a long cold and snowy winter and with spring just around the corner I feel it is time for new beginnings.  Goodbye snow, goodbye cold weather (please soon) and hello a new year full of color and promise.

After being snowbound for the past 2 months I decided the other day that if the sun won't come to me, I will bring it into my own life by playing with color... dyeing up pretties and enjoying the full impact of what color can bring into your life.  Feels soooooooo good!  Enjoying  a little bit of Nicki Sunshine!


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