Saturday, September 29, 2012

Catching up on CQJP 2012

Yea!  I'm almost caught up!  While sitting around babying my shoulder I decided to try and get caught up on my CQJP - I am determined to get 12 blocks done by the end of the year so I can start fresh next year with a new idea for my blocks.

July's CQJP was done using some vintage laces and sepia tones.  A departure from my normal bright colors but I do like it - so much so I've already started using the same colors for September's block.

Best Friends - B&B

Close Up July CQJP

OK - I slipped up - I just can't get enough of the pink/cream and green color combination.  I found this cute little silky which reminded me of sisters... you know the saying "Sister Forever"   I absolutely love framing out a picture as there are so many ways to embellish them.

August CQJP
Forever Sisters

Close Up July CQJP

A couple added little touches

Spider Rose within a Lace motif

I want to take the time to say thank you to all my friends who sent me cards and little "cheer up" goodies - they are so appreciated and really brightened my days.  Seriously, I thought once I had the shoulder surgery the pain would ease up and go away. NOT!  I am beginning to think PT is going to kill me.  There have been days that I end up in bed once PT is over... I sure hope the saying "no pain, no gain" is true as this old gal is certainly getting tired of crying about it.  Even though I hate going to PT I really enjoy the therapist - they are young, full of energy and very knowledgeable - makes me feel like things will get better soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snowballs are flying & PT / Couch to 5k

Want to see something fabulous and something so me?  It was snowball time at my house the other day!  Yea, I know, it's not quite that time yet and since I'm basically a summer person I usually don't get too excited about "snow" - this time I did!

This is a different kind of snowball.  I signed up for a Snowball exchange swap on CQI.  My very first snowball was made by Rita who is from Kansas.  Rita and I have been in a few CQ swaps together and when she said she would swap with me I was thrilled as I love her work.  We all signed up with  the color, theme and style of snowball we wanted.  Now mind you, all of this CQing is to fit in a 4.5" circle or hexagon!  I of course, went with UTS (under the sea) and anything to do with mermaids.  Is this not the most incredible snowball!

Under the Sea Mermaid Snowball
made for me by Rita

Check out the beautiful stitching for the hair and body!
Saturday I mailed and finished Rita's snowball so I'm thinking it might be sitting in her mailbox by now.  Rita had asked for roses and dragonflies in a hexagon shape.   I found this cute little girl and decided she would look cute walking through a garden of roses. 

Today I had my first PT session.  Therapist bent, pulled and measured my shoulder and arm and determined that my range of motion was far better than expected.  Yea me - I guess it pays to do the mandatory exercises after surgery!  I walked out of the clinic with my PT schedule for the next 2+ months.  Not thrilled with the idea of  3 times a week but if it means I'll be back in my kayak fishing in the spring - I'm all for it!

For those of your who mentioned they would like to start on the Couchto5k  program with me.  I have to put it off a little bit longer.  I tried to start the program by walking/jogging on Monday but 15 minutes into it my shoulder felt like I had a concrete brick tied to it.  I mentioned it to my PT Therapist and she said it was too early after surgery to be shaking up my body like that and that I need time to heal a bit more.  Hopefully I can get started in October so if anyone is serious about joining me, let me know and we can chit chat about our daily/weekly progress. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm baaaaack! & June CQJP 2012

Hi All!  Well I'm finally back... been a long couple of weeks trying to recuperate from my shoulder surgery and I am now happy to report that I am sooo very happy that it's all behind me.  Surgery went well and now I am looking at starting PT next Tuesday for about 12 weeks.  Dr. says as long as I do what I suppose to do then he sees no reason why I won't be back kayaking in the spring.  Guess Nicki has to be a good girl.  Thankl you everyone for your thoughts and prayers and beautiful cards.

Laying around in a recliner for the past couple of weeks gave me plenty of time to think about things.  One thing I have decided is that I have got to try and take better care of myself now that I've hit that big 60!  So.. starting tomorrow I am embarking on a new exercise program = a slow by st4eady one at that.  My girlfriend Elaine came over today for a visit and one look at her was pure inspiration.  She has reached her goal of loosing quite a bit of weight and she looks Maaarvelous.  She told me of a great program - so I looked it up, printed out the schedule and will get started tomorrow.  I feel my writing it down here will hold me accountable to report in each week as to how I am doing.  I need to do this to get myself moving and feeling healthy again... slow and steady.  Anyone want to join me in keeping up with a weekly log in of how we are doing?   Seriously, if you are, contact me as I would love a partner!

I did manage to get a little bit of CQ in.  I completed my June CQJP 2012 Block - as you can see it is a bit out of my normal color range.  This block was actually part of a CQ Block swap and I was sorry to see it go to it's new owner - I love the way it turned out.



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